China in European encyclopaedias, 1700-1850


China in European encyclopaedias, 1700-1850

by Georg Lehner

(European expansion and indigenous response / edited by Glenn J. Ames, v. 9)

Brill, 2011

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This book shows how knowledge about China became part of European general knowledge. It examines English, French, and German encyclopaedias published between 1700 and 1850 and explores the use and presentation of information on China in works of general knowledge. The first chapters explore the origins of early European perceptions of China until 1850, the development of European encyclopaedias, and the sources used for entries on China. The second major part of the book examines the ways in which encyclopaedias presented information on things Chinese (geography, government, economy, history, language and literature, arts and sciences) and how this information was shaped, expanded, perpetuated, revised, and updated.


Preface Abbreviations Introduction 1. Backgrounds of Knowledge 2. Formations of Knowledge 3. Canonizing China 4. Geography 5. Population and Society 6. Government, Politics and Economy 7. History 8. Language and Literature 9. Philosophy and Religion 10. Arts, Sciences, and Technologies Conclusion Bibliography Name Index

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