Advanced research on industry, information system and material engineering : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2011 International Conference on Industry, Information System and Material Engineering (IISME 2011), April 16-17, 2011, Guangzhou, China


    • International Conference on Industry, Information System and Material Engineering
    • Zhang, Helen
    • Shen, Gang
    • Jin, David


Advanced research on industry, information system and material engineering : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2011 International Conference on Industry, Information System and Material Engineering (IISME 2011), April 16-17, 2011, Guangzhou, China

edited by Helen Zhang, Gang Shen, and David Jin

(Advanced materials research, v. 204-210)

Trans Tech Publications, c2011

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Includes bibliographical references and indexes



Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS). In this special collection of over 470 peer-reviewed papers are to be found many original ideas and new angles on aspects of industry, information systems and materials engineering. It offers a good basis upon which researchers can exchange their innovative ideas from a new perspective. In addition, the proceedings provide guidance for scientists, physicists, chemists, teachers, etc. all over the world.


Empirical Research on the Environmental Effect of Foreign Direct Investment: The Case of Jiangsu Province A Study of Language in Functional Cortex of Audiphone Deaf Signers Used FMRI Overall Design of the Forming System for Squeeze Casting Integrated Design of Airborne Radar Servo System Based on MATLAB/SIMULINK Optimal PID Control of Heat Exchanger Temperature Study of Fuzzy Control for Intelligent Cantilever Beam Based on Genetic Algorithm Research on the Fouling Prediction Based on Hybrid Kernel Function Relevance Vector Machine Rank Reversal and Rank Preservation in TOPSIS Negative Selection Algorithm Based on Double Matching Rules Empirical Study on Ordering Policy for Multi-Products in Fresh Food Supply Chains Research on the Relationship between Yarn Path and Yarn Tension in Tufting Carpet Equipment System Development of Biodegradable Wood Fiber Foam Packaging Material Optically Powered Sensor for Measuring Differential Pressure with Optical Fiber Data Link Intelligent Building System Based on Sensor Network of IPv6 Geometry Covering Theory in Biomimetic Pattern Cognition The Research of Chaos Mapping Method with Infinite Collapses to Mechanism Synthesis Domain-Based Level Trust Manage Model Experimental Study on the Bio-Drying Characteristics and its Influencing Factors of Paper Mill Sludge Research of Movement Control System for Fischertechnik Interface Card Based on VB Control Hopf Bifurcations Based on Center Manifold Simulations and Experimental Researches on Fatigue Life of Sheet-Metal Type Hydraulic Torque Converter Study on Concrete Failure due to Sulfate Attack at Low Value in Water A Generalized Filled Function for Non-Smooth Constrained Global Optimization Anti-Perturbation Kalman Filter Based on Perturbation Theorem and Multiple Hypothesis Testing Theory Analysis of Severe Plastic Deformation and Recrystallization of Cu under Instantaneous Extrusion and High Speed Friction Water Hammer Characteristics of Glass Reinforced Plastic Oil Transportation Pipeline Detection of Nitrogen Content Changes of Rape Leaf Using Hyperspectral Imaging Synthesis, Structural Characterization and Antibacterial Activity of Ternary Zinc Acetate Complex with 4-Aminohippuric Acid and 4, 4'-Bipyridine Ligand Numerical Simulation of Loitering Aircraft Aerodynamics in Low Speed Flight Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Antibacterial Activity of One-Dimensional Chain Calcium (II) Complex An Analysis on Key Problems of Safety Assessment of High Risk Operations in Hydroelectric Project Fabrication and Properties of the Backlight Field Emission Unit with Meshy Bottom Electrode Research on the Emission Property of Cold Cathode Emitter with Enhanced Bar Electrode in a FED Panel The Research of Composite Nonlinear Discrete Chaos Dynamical Systems to Mechanism Synthesis The Research of Elite Multi-Parent Crossover Evolutionary Optimization Algorithm to Mechanism Synthesis The Research of Newton Iteration Method Based on Hyperchaos Chen System to Mechanism Synthesis Exploring Effect Factors of E-Learning Behavioral Intention on Cross-Level Analysis Color Feature Extraction Method in the Video Surveillance System Data Mining: Associating Information Literacy with Regulating Rules Study of Polysilicon Texture with Acidic Corroding Classification of the Yangon's Ports in Myanmar with Efficiency Measurement by Using DEA The Relationship between Comments and Recommendation System and Online Shopper Buying Behaviour Credit Problem in E-Commerce Competitive Analysis of Multi-Attribute On-Line Auction Analysis and Research for Airplane Cockpit Sound'ICA Denoise Based on Blind Source Separation Principle Face Recognition Based on Wavelet Neural Network Towards Testing Web Applications: A PFSM-Based Approach High Torque NdFeB PM Motor Design for Cab Lifting Device Efficient Scene Change Algorithm Based on Statistical Feature in the DCT Domain Study on Assessment of Enterprise Intellectual Capital Based on the Genetic Neural Network A Study of Wheel Flange Partial Wear Problem of Heavy Haul Locomotive Users' Fuzzy Cognition Knowledge Learning in Interactive Evolutionary Computation and its Application Sequential Circuit Equivalence Checking Method Based on Minimizing Automation The Study about Parsing of RGG Grammar Development of Injection Mould Design System Based on UG Optimization Design of Self-Excited Oscillation Cavity Coupled ZnO/TiO2 Nanorods Deposited in the Pores of Expanded Graphite Prepared by Microwave Irradiation Preparation and Properties of Composite Photocatalyst of Needle ZnO Nanorod Grafted in the Pores of Expanded Graphite TiO2 Nanotube Deposited in the Pores of Expanded Graphite by Microwave Irradiation An Effective Genetic Algorithm for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Multiple Depots Population Diversity Strategy in Gene Expression Programming Simulation Analysis of Hydraulic Jet Pump Anycast Routing Algorithm Based on Hybrid Strategy Fuzzy Support Vector Machines Control for Robotic Manipulator Application of SVM Based on Improved Quantum Particle Swarm Optimization in Bio-Mimetic Robotic Horse Training Algorithm of BP Networks Based on Improved Ant Colony Algorithm The Empirical Study of Listed Electric Power Companies' Horizontal Merger with the Factor Analysis Model Decomposition and Stability Analysis for Complex Systems with Dynamic Interconnections Cold and Heat Source Energy-Saving Reconstruction for Central Air-Conditioning System in a Research and Development Center of Shanghai Strength Analysis on Crankshaft Structure Parameters Servo System Compound Control Based on SMC Strain Soft Numerical Simulation for Destroy Process of Subsea Rock with High Ground Stress and Hydraulic Pressure Direct P-Code Acquisition Technique Based on the Data Resource Pool Empirical Research on China's Regional Economic Distribution and Characteristics An SIS Epidemic Model with Feedback Mechanism in Scale-Free Networks Moving Vehicles Detection Based on Pair Edge Difference and Background Subtraction Extraction Axis of Three-Dimensional Blood Vessel Images Based on Energy Constraint Equation Analyzing Abutment Safety Degree of Slope Based on Dynamic Quasi Continuous Model The Study of Ontology Reasoning to Semantic Web The Applications of Description Logics in Natural Language Processing An Integrated Multi-Objective Decision Model under Considering Stochastic Demand, Price Breaks and Disruption Risk for Order Allocation in a Multiple-Supplier Environment Model of Vehicular Movement in Simulation of Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Research of Secure Scheme against Data Flooding Attack in Ad Hoc Networks Unbiased H Infinite Filtering for Stochastic Systems with Data Packet Losses Research on Four Type-2 Fuzzy Reasoning Models Architecture-Centric Business Process's Building and Optimization Design Supported by Volunteer-Oriented Internetware Analysis of Initial Stress Anchor Wire Anchoring Mechanism and its Parameter Optimization Parameters Selection and Application of LS-SVM Based on Chaotic Ant Swarm Algorithm Mechanism Design for Quality Control in ATO Supply Chain with Mixed Inspection Analysis and Simulation Computer Virus Propagation Models in the Network Environment Robust H Control for Stochastic Wind Power Generation Systems Multicast Model for Broadband Multimedia Satellites over ATM Networks A Novel Carrier Acquisition for HAPS Communication System in High Dynamic Scenario An Uncertain Location-Allocation Model Analysis of Flow Simulation Based on Particle Movement Research on Software-Hardware Co-Design of Reconfigurable CNC System EOQ Model with Controllable Lead Time, Setup Cost and Backordering Rate An ICA Algorithm Based on Symmetric and Asymmetric Generalized Gaussian Model Smart Antenna Adaptive Interference Suppression in TD-SCDMA System The Filter Technology of Switching Power Supply Classification of Urban Traffic Network Model Based on Multi-Class Support Vector Machine An Automatic Calibration Method in the Crop Architecture 3D Scanner Experimental Study on H Control for United Brake of Electric Vehicle Study on Multiobjective Programming Problem under Bifuzzy Environment A Design of a Method of Chaos-Based Secure Communication Course Evaluation Method Based on Fractional Correlation Distance and AHP Study on Harmonious Marketing Study on Optically Powered Hall Current Transformer Scale Development of Customers' Reactions to Other-Customer Misbehavior The Influence of Low Frequency Pulse Magnetization on the Performance of Cutter Risk Asset Portfolio Choice Models under Three Risk Measures Design and Application of an Amphibian Garbage Cleaning Robot A Note on Endogenous Timing in Duopoly Games Human Health Safety Risk Assessment of Chinese Construction Industry Evaluation of the Capacitances by Using High Frequency Roll-Off Fitting to the Second Order Approximation Evaluation of the Dielectric by Measuring Leakage Currents on Self-Built Capacitor-Like Devices The Lot-Streaming Flow Scheduling Shops Based on a Hybrid Discrete Harmony Search Algorithm Imbalanced Financial Credit and the Macro Economic Risk of China Design of a Tele-Operation Robot Based on Video Communication Design and Characterization of Novel Millimeter-Wave MEMS CPW Transmission Lines Two-Stage Evaluation Method of Dynamic Network DEA Vessel Attachment Nodule Segmentation Based on Mean-Shift and EM A Study on Impact Factors Influencing Training Transfer of the Basic Unit Staff in IT Industry A Clustering Method for Pruning Fully Connected Neural Network Research for SVM with Self-Reacting Feature Weighted in IDS A New Stress Sensor Based on Amorphous Alloy for Dynamic Weigh Rail A Self-Organized Public-Key Management for P2P Network An Outsourcing Decision-Making Model Based on Options Valuation Theory Research on Vulnerability Assessment System of Complicated Power System Robust Watermarking Algorithm Based on Bi-Dimensional Empirical Mode Decomposition Projectile Impact Behaviour of Sandwich Material with Nomex Honeycomb and Metallic Skins The Research of Immunity Intrusion Detector Model Based on Vaccine Independent Mechanism Research on the Control of Wind Turbine Output Power Semi-Active Control for Large-Scale Aqueduct by MR Damper Characterization of Codon Usage Bias in the UL55 Gene of Duck Enteritis Virus Molecular Cloning and Phylogenetic Analysis of the Duck Enteritis Virus UL55 Gene Effects of Antioxidant Enzymes of Ascorbate-Glutathione Cycle in Soybean (Glycine Max) Leaves Exposed to Ozone A Fuzzy Trust Management Based on Outlier Identification for P2P A Scaled Central Path for Linear Optimization An Efficient Algorithm for Linear Complementarity Problems Construction of Corruption Early Warning Mechanism Nonlinear Optimization of Structure and Calibration for Scattered Triangulation Laser Displacement Measurement Double Closed-Loop Control System of Bi-Direction Current Source Inverter The Pruning Strategy of Decision Tree of SMT Assembling Quality Control Based on Data Mining A Brief Study on Knowledge Discovering in Linguistic Education Based on Teaching Materials Passenger Congestion Mechanism Analysis in Comprehensive Passenger Transportation Terminal An Agent-Based Simulation Model of the Economy: An Empirical Study of Negative Income Tax System in a Transition Economy Effect of High Temperature and Humidity in Storage on Component of Soy Protein Isolate Identification of Obstacle Factors of Urbanization and Analysis of their Relative Structure on Impact of "Digital Divide" in Information Times Available Data Packet Size Policy for Unsolicited Grant Service in the Power Saving Multi-Channel MAC Protocol The Application of GPS Using in Steel Sheet Pile Implementing the Localization on the Sea Surveying Flow Velocity Coefficient Research on the Coexistence of Pipe Flow and Flow around Pipe Acylation of Anthocyanins from Black Rice and their Stability Properties Research in Elman Neural Network for AFR Model of Automotive Engine Throughput Analysis of Group-Based DCA MAC Protocol in Cognitive Radio Network Acceleration Components in Heterogeneous Supercomputers The Development of Database Technology Security Research of Online Transactions Flow Shop Production Scheduling under Uncertainty within Infinite Intermediate Storage Empirical Research of Corporate Social Responsibility's Influence on Stock Price Study on Synthetic Assessment of Regional Sustainable Development in Qingyang Based on the Theory of Meta Index Logistics Center City Planning of Liaoning Coastal Economic Zone Design Calculations on the Recycle of Malysite in Sludge under the Synergistic Effect of Acidification and Ultrasonic An Empirical Study on the Internet Writing Behaviors in Chinese Context A Pilot Study on the Structure of Organizational Cultural Identification: Empirical Research in Chinese Context A Scheme of Adaptive Polarization Control in Optical Fiber Communication Systems Research on Uncertainty of Video Content Retrieval Based on Semantic Hydrophilicity and Photo-Catalytic Property of TiO2 Thin Film Doped by Ni2+ Hybrid Artificial Glowworm Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Solving Constrained Engineering Problem Dimensional Analysis to Ozone Generation by Pulsed Streamer Discharge in Dry Air Comprehensive Evaluation of Water Resources Carrying Capacity in Jiansanjiang Branch Bureau Innovative Study of Business Administration Training Modes: TRIZ Behavior Perspective Incremental Launching Construction Method for Steel Truss Suspension Bridge An LSB-Based Blind Fragile Watermarking Algorithm Research on Cultural Management of State-Owned Forestry Enterprises Fuzzy Parallel Machines Scheduling Problem Based on Genetic Algorithm Research on Process of Impact and Control with Underwater Autonomous Weapon System Perception System Design of Virtual Human by Object-Oriented Method Multi-User Detection Techniques for DS-CDMA UWB System A Rough Margin Based Fuzzy Support Vector Machine Apllycation of Computer Tecnology in Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Fault Current Detection Based on Neural Network in Hybrid Circuit Breaker Analysis of Influence Factors on Strength of Mudstone with Soft-Hard Alternant Strata in Nanning Basin Study on the Controlling System of Particle Materials Separating Device An Empirical Study on Value Functions of Stock Markets A New Clock Synchronization Method for Multi-FPGA Systems Study on the Decision-Making of Coal Industry Technology Development Based on AHP Ordering Policy for Deteriorating Items with Short Shelf Life Based on Lateral Transshipment Study of the Properties of Poly-P-Phenylene-Benzimidazole-Terephthalamide Fiber Material Theoretical Research for Short Pile Coal-Dust Motion Law and Control Technology of the Feeder The Study of Event-Driven Clustering Routing Algorithm for WSN in the Coal Mine Goaf The Characteristics of CrNX Coatings with Different Interlayer Method of Slab Size Design Based on Maximum Yield Rate of Plates Research on the Method of Style Knowledge Acquisition Based on the Kansei Engineering The Analysis of Efficiency and Safety of the Plan of Quantity Adjustment in Heating System The Effect of Specific Input Energy on Promotion of NO-NO2 of Diesel Engine with Non-Thermal Plasma Technology A Continued Fraction Encoding and Labeling Scheme for Dynamic XML Data A Novel Layered Error Resilient Method for SPIHT-Coded Images over Packet Networks Contactless Measurement of the Strain in Microcantilever Based on Position Sensitive Detector A New Kind of FRFT Analysis Method for Multi-Component LFM Signals Evolutionary Algorithm with PID Control System for Central Air-Conditioning Energy Saving A Fast Mode Decision Algorithm from MPEG-2 to H.264 Transcoding Accurate 3D Tool Swept Volume Generation Method for 5-Axis NC Machining Simulation The Prediction of the Earthquake Trend in Taiwan and Sichuan Region Based on the Neutral Network Model and Seismic Change Rate Research on Fault-Tolerant Relay Node Placement Based on Greedy Optimization Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks A Self-Construction Digital Resources Backup System Designing and Analysis An Empirical Analysis on Financial Capability and Operating Performance of China's Listed Tourism Companies A New Configuration Scheme for Multi-FPGA Systems Based on XCF32P Impulse Response Wavelet Transform Based Bearing Fault Diagnosis "Target-Operation" Cost Management Model Temperature Error Compensation New Method of MFL Sensor to Oil-Gas Pipeline Corrosion Inspection A New Approach for Enterprise Application Integration Dilution of Position Calculation for Accuracy Improvement in Wireless Location Systems A Dynamic Collision Detection Algorithm Based on Bounding Box-Tree The Model Design for the Agent-Based Art Major Examination Scoring System Improving Business Processes by Visual Workflow Platform A Method for the Virtual Enterprise to Select its Partners A Blind Proxy Re-Signatures Scheme Based on Random Oracle An Enhanced Business Model in Audio-Book Industry Researches on Image Processing Technology Used in Bamboo Weaving Machine A New Method of Service Discovery for Mobile Application A New Method of Machine Learning Based on Examples Understanding the Link between Consumer Decision Making Style and Perceived Risk in Online Business Coupled Electro-Thermal-Mechanical Micro-Hotplate-Based for Micro Gas Pressure Sensor Development of System Core Theory and its Application in Real Estate System of Wuhan The Half-Forming Principle of Carbide Bur on the 5-Axis Nc Grinding Machine Tool Make Use of the Flexion Circle to Find the Curvature of the Gear Profile The Excitation of Control for Variable-Speed Constant-Frequency DFIG Elimination of the Interference Surface when a Double Circular Gear is Generated by a Milling Cutter The Section Line of the Cutting Edges of the Rotary Burs after CNC Controlled Grinding The Discriminate Condition for Foot-Cut of the Conjugation Paper Cutter Fuzzy-PI Speed Control Based on PLC Ant Colony Optimization with Local Search for Continuous Functions Adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization for Continuous Domain Utilization of P. Camemberti in Sufu Production in Comparison with Traditional Sufu Strains Variable Structure Fuzzy-PID Control for DFIG System A Model of Enterprise Information Mangement Collaborative Manufacture - Oriented in Semantic Service Grid The Nonlinearity during Start-Oscillation of Thermo-Acoustic Instability in Rijke-Type Combustor A Measure and Control System in Steel-Making Hot Stove of Ferroalloy Mine Evaluation of Gabor Transform Filter Threshold Identified by Initial Highest Inter-Cluster Distance Probability Measuring Sediment Thickness in Borehole by Ultrasonic Based on Channel Estimation The Finite Element Analysis of Two Line Types of Three-Thread Single-Screw Pump Removal of Xylenol Orange from Solutions by -Cyclodextrin-Grafted Carboxymethyl Cellulose Method of Adaptive Wavelet Thresholding Used in Image Denoising Study of a Scheme of E-Lottery Scratch-Off Research on Plug and Play Sensors Based on IEEE1451.4 Delay-Dependent H2/H Control for a Class of Switched T-S Fuzzy Systems with Time-Delay The Analysis of Industry Organization Model Based on the Economic and Ecological Benefits Performance Analysis of the First Absorption Heat Pump System Driven by Steam Bamboo Wastes as Fuel in Industrial Boiler in China Preparation of Nano-Kaolinite and Mechanism On Localization Using Location Fingerprints and Energy Efficient Operation of WLANs in Indoor Areas Clifford Sensor Network Connected Coverage Energy Analysis Accounting Method of Intensity for Double Telescopie Props of Hydraulic Supports Stochastic Vibration-Based Fragility Analysis of Middle-Story RC Frames Game Model of Homebuyer's Behavior under Housing Security System Dynamic Removal of CO2 on MDEA-Loaded SBA-15 for Biogas Upgrading Adsorption of CO2 and N2 on Coal-Based Activated Carbon Blast Furnace Fault Diagnosis Based on Nonlinear Fuzzy Neural Identification Efficient and Accurate Camera Calibration Based on Planar Pattern Characteristics System of Supply Chain Emergencies Based on Case Statistical Analysis Fetching Address Book Info of iPhone OS Current Research of Soft Denture Liner Information Delay Protocol Using Quantum Entangled States Analysis and Evaluation Research on Intellectual Property Formal Conflicts in Knowledge Transferring among EC Enterprises The Model and Algorithm for Computing Market Share in Competitive Service Supply Chains Study on Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for Multi-Type Vehicle Open Vehicle Routing Problem Research on Railway Engineering Cost Prediction Model Based on Chaotic Neural Networks and CS Structure and Properties of Soybean Milk Modified Polyacrylonitrile Fiber The Measurement and Evaluation Method of Global Error of Spiral Bevel Gear An ICA and GM Model for the Innovation Ability Evolution A Comparative Study on Two Kinds of 3D Direct Capacitance Imaging Sensors An Electrical Capacitance Tomography System with Double Measurement Channels Blind Signature Based on Discrete Logarithm Type Cryptosystem Optimized E-Cash Scheme and its Formal Analysis Water Quality Assessment on Fujiang River of China Using Projection Pursuit Model Compensation of Phase Noise Effects for IEEE 802.16e OFDMA Systems A Review of Super-Resolution Restoration from Image Sequences Risk-Sharing Mechanism Theoretical Research between Bank and Credit Guarantee Institution Cooperation under Asymmetric Information Research on Microcomputer Relay Protection Anti-Interference of 500kV Transmission Line in MATLAB Experimental Study on the Combustion Characteristics of Municipal Solid Waste Key Program for Non-Equilibrium Phase Diagram of Ni 1 Type Steel Binary Regression Investigate on Composition Tempering Temperature and Hardness(HRC)of Common Steel Research on Semantic Web-Based Teaching Resources Management System Applying System Theory to Transient Fault Tolerance and Safety Enhancement of Tunnel Construction Wireless Monitoring and Control System Gear Damage Detection Using Impulse Response Wavelet Transform Risk Assessment for Remanufacturing System Based on Neural Network A WT-Based Edge Detection with Adaptive Threshold Efficient Robust Blind Beamforming Algorithm Traffic Sign Detection and Pattern Recognition Based on Binary Tree Support Vector Machines Ant Colony-Based Load Balancing Algorithm for Multi-Source Multicast Networks On the Measure of Compactness of Fuzzy Clustering Moving Object Detection Based on Edge Pair Difference Gear Fault Detection Based on Angle Domain Average and Teager Kaiser Energy Operator Demodulation Technique Contour Extraction of Cerebrovascular Based on Maximum Optimization Cost Wavelet Transform with a Novel Integration Technique for Image Fusion Data Processing and Error Analysis of Phased-Array Doppler Sonar Velocity System The Experimental Data Analysis of Vector Hydrophone The Software Design of Underwater Acoustic Remote-Control Coding System Study of Substantive Characteristics on Integrated and Intelligent Transportation System The Topology Optimization Methods on Quasi-Static Structural Measuring Method for Economic Benefit of Industrial Enterprises Based on Panel Data The Optimal Design of Logistics Distribution Network with Pre-Sale Period of High-Value and Time-Varying Product under E-Commerce Design of the Distributed Web Crawler Ecological Administration Practice in China: Case of Tuopai Group from Sichuan Software Design and Control Strategy for Polymerase Chain Reaction System Comparative Analysis on Offshore Water Quality Status: A Case Study of Haizhou Bay, China Top-Down Algorithm for Mining Maximal Frequent Subgraph A Novel Routing Algorithm Based on Path Stability and Energy Aware Performance Investigation on Porous Micro Heat Sink for Cooling of High Power LEDs An Improved FastICA Algorithm and its Application in Image Feature Extraction The Smart Home Security System Based on Wireless Sensor Network Method of Soil Erosion Intensity Spatial Variation Research The Algorithmic Design of Recognizing Runway in UAV Independent Landing The Study on Conic Outline Correction Processing with Column Grinding Wheel Reliability Research on Conventional Submarine Cruising Condition Study on Space Model of Urban Expansion The Coordination of Logistics Service Quality for Manufacturing Enterprise and TPL Research on Location Accuracy of UAV Based on DGPS/INS Technique Design of the Evaluation System for the Value of the Mobile Internet Service The Core Applications and Experience of Typical 3G Operators Singularity Elimination of Parallel Mechanism by Redundant Actuations A Collecting and Distribution System of Urban Traffic Information Based on Video Events Detection Ultimate Boundedness of Stochastic Neural Networks with Delays Research on Power Transformer Fault Forecast Study on Intelligent Extracting Algorithm of Fascicular Groups from Nerve Slice Image Research on Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration Equipment Based on LPG Mechanism Design for R&D Outsourcing with Double-Sided Moral Hazard and Double-Sided Adverse Selection Fractal Characteristics of Microstructure in Semisolid A356 Alloy Experimental Study on Elastic Modulus of a Steel-Plastic Composite Pipe Study of Parallel Algorithm Based on OpenMP in Myocardial Simulation Research on Evaluation of Group-Buying Website Based on FAHP Grid Resource Scheduling Strategy Based on Elite DNA Genetic Algorithm Indoor Positioning in WLAN Environment Based on Support Vector Regression and Space Partitioning The Information Sharing Mechanism of the Supply Chain of Chained Enterprises Based on E-Commerce "Column Changes Line" Mode in Database Designing Patterns of Strong Entity Infringing to Database Design The Breakthrough of Database Design Normalization Theory JIT Replenishment Policies for ATO Manufacturer under Supply Chain Management Study on the Quality Evaluation of Universities' Network Entrepreneurship Education under E-Commerce Background Physical Simulation on the Position Detection of Final Solidifying End of Continuous Casting Slab A New Automatic Demultiplexing Method for NRZ-OOK Polarization-Division Multiplexed System Energy Saving Rate Analysis on Residential Building in Zhangjiakou Parallel Knowledge Community Detection Algorithm Research Based on MapReduce Kinematic Analysis of a Four Degreed-of-Freedoms Hybrid Machine Tool The Impact of Organizational Slack on the Performance of Material Production and Processing Firms Research on the Optimal Model of the Account Sale of the Products in Declining Period of Life Cycle Based on the Demand Shifting An Improved Asymmetrical Half-Bridge Driving Circuit An Improved Engineering Model of Silicon Solar Cell Comprehensive Analysis of Active Electrified Railway Compensation A New Driver-Assistance System Based on Laser and Camera Deposition of Titanium Nitride Film on Mg-Li Alloys by DC Reactive Magnetron Sputtering Influence of Carbon Source Concentration on Characterization of Boron-Doped Diamond Electrodes Research on Combat Effectiveness Evaluation of Radar EW System Based on Bayesian Network Algorithms and Algorithm Analysis of Logical and Operation of Grade Approximation Operators Study on Magnetic Field Effect of AC Motor Price Decisions of Closed-Loop Supply Chain with and without Competition FEA and Structural Optimization of Seal Structure of a Leak-Off Pipe Quick Repairing Joint A Stackelberg Dynamic Game Model for Climate Change Study on Vehicle Stability Control Based on Yaw Following and 4WS Scalable Video Coding Bit Stream Extraction Based on Equivalent MSE Method A New Procedure for Designing a Kind of Orthogonal Vector-Valued Multiscaled Wavelets and Wavelet Wraps Development of Energy Management System in Integrated Iron and Steel Works Preparation of Plating-Diffusion Composite Coating on Ti-Based Alloy Spring-Back Evaluation of Stretch Bending Process Based on Chaboche Combined Isotropic-Kinematic Hardening Laws Intrusion Detection Method Based on Frequent Pattern Experimental Study on the Plastic Collapse Load of Elbows Subjected to In-Plane Opening Bending Moment The Information Optimal Algorithm Based on Poly-Scaled Wavelet Wraps and Wavelet Frames with Finite Support A Study of Orthogonal Vector-Valued Binary Wavelets and Wavelet Packs with Integer Dilation Constant Engine Cells Performance Characteristics Modeling and Evaluating Staff Similarity Computation in Technology Innovation Team Design on the Mode of Urban Renewal Public Service Platform Topological Approaches to the Second Type of Covering-Based Rough Sets Decompositions of Fuzzy Continuity and Fuzzy Complete Continuity Study on Performance for Fiber Asphalt Mixture Resistance to Water Damage Study on Technology Parameters Affecting Surface Contact Impression Influence of Permanent Magnet Thickness on Loss of Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor Research on Informationization of Financial Management Based on E-Commerce The Impact of RFID on Supply Chain's Cost and Profit The Effects of Friction Coefficient on Driving Performance in Traveling Wave Ultrasonic Motor Study on Jilin Automobile Industrial Cluster Based on a Perspective of Regional Innovation Dynamic Wind Pump Circulating Water Heat Recovery Design of QRRS Polygonal Mesh Partitioning for NURBS Surface Generation Study of Pulse Electrochemical Machining Performance of Deep-Small Hole on Nickel-Based Alloy Study on the Strength Characteristics of Municipal Solid Waste A Stackelberg Game Approach to Mixed H2/H Robust Control for Singular Bilinear Systems Sensor Drifting Fault Diagnosis Based RS and ANN Study of Corrosion Behavior of Carbon Steel in Soil under Alternating Current Influence The Decision-Making Model of Customers' Choosing Hot Spring Resorts The Effect of Low Extracellular Potassium on Cardiac Arrhythmia Vulnerability: A Computer Simulation Study The Design of the Ice-Storage Air-Conditioning Data Acquisition System Based on LabVIEW Considering the Criteria of Organ Building in Universities Based on ISO9000 System CAN Bus Based on Intelligent Built-In Test Technique in Complex Electronic System Computer-Aided Design of the Mine Hoist Spindle Based on Case-Based Reasoning Automatic Extraction Method for License Plate Character Blurred by Translucent Object 3D Geological Modeling in Chang109 Block of Changchunling Oilfield A Novel Modified Particle Filter Algorithm Research on Stress Testing for Physical GAP Research on Nonlinear Simulation of Spiral Case in High Head Hydropower Station Governance Models, Income Distribution and Sustainable Developmen Linear Precoder-Based Signal Design of H-BLAST in MIMO Wireless Communications System Development of Website Quality Dimensions of Home Appliance Enterprises Based on Exploratory Factor Analysis Study on an Inventory Model of Sales System with Multiple Customer Classification Synthesis of Nano-Hydroxyapatite Surface-Grafting Poly(L-Lactide) under Microwave Irradiation Cycle Coloring and 2-Factorizations of KV Auto-Tuning of Optimal PI Controller Satisfying Sensitivity Value Constrains A Study of Performance Evaluation of Dairy Enterprise Based on Corporate Social Responsibility Research on Performance Evaluation of Companies' Overseas Offices Based on DEA - The Case of "A" Company's Overseas Offices Effects of Magnetic Concentrator on MFL Signals Using FEA The Design of Embedded Detecting and Tracking System Surface Inspection Using Computer Vision and Gradient Spectrum Temperature Control of Batch Reaction Based on Genetic Fuzzy Neural Network Double Step Reducing Characteristics Analysis of On-Board High Pressured Hydrogen Transmission A Robust Terminal Sliding Mode Adaptive Control for Robot Manipulators Thermal Analysis and Simulation of Aircraft Hydraulic System A Corpus-Based Study of College English Coursebooks Fault Diagnosis Analysis of Gear Based on Fuzzy Fault Tree Analysis of a Triple-Effect Low Temperature Distillation Desalination Process Spatial Information Sharing Based on the REST Style An Effective Adaptive Autocorrelation-Based Neighboring Matching Location-Aware Computing in WLANs Algorithms and Algorithm Analysis of Logical Difference Operation of Variable Precision Lower Approximation Operator and Grade Upper Approximation Operator The Third Party Logistics Spatial Location Information Services Experimental Investigation of Porous Micro Heat Sink for Electronics Cooling Application Stress Calculation of Composite Pipe of Multihole Steel Pipe and PE-RT A Formal Game-Theoretic Model for Rational Exchange Protocol Automatic Frequency-Tracking Control for Ultrasound Welding System Synthesis of 20nm Colloidal Gold by Microwave Heating Method Reason-Factor for Online Impulsive Buying On the Capacity of MIMO Channels with Outdated Channel State Information The Research Progress of Melanin Method for Two-People Multiple-Attribute Decision Making and its Application Analysis of a Delayed Predator-Prey Reaction-Diffusion System with Beddington-DeAngelis Functional Response and Two Stage Structure Ultrasonic Welding Driver with Class-E Inverter Design Study on Pavement Performance of Reclaimed Asphalt Mixture The Simulation and Test of Anti-Torsion Frame for Off-Road Vehicle The Influence of Different Product Process on the Effect Ingredient Content of Ningxia Lycium barbarum Refining Response of Fibre Materials with Medium Consistency Refiners Bioinformatic Analysis and Characteristics of the Antigen SO7 of Eimeria Tenella MY Strain A Research Methodology Based on Design Science for the Construction of Cognitive Maps: The Case of a Chinese Steel Company's Strategic Decision Making Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Bump Foil Forming Process for Foil Air Bearings Research on Monitoring System of 220 kV High-Voltage Substation Based on Bluetooth Technology Control on Arc Source Device during Arc Ion Plating Condensing Property Researches for the Inorganic Heat Pipes Condenser The Safety Monitoring on 200-Meter High CFRDs Application of Normalized Difference Water Index for Vegetation Water Content Monitoring from MODIS Data Super-Resolution Time-Delays Estimation in HF Channel Sounding Based on Chirp Sequence Genetic Algorithm Solution for a Member Selection Problem of Supply Chain Network Software Reconfiguration Based on Service Model-Driven Architecture over Cloud Computing Development Countermeasures of Chongqing Tourism E-Commerce Calibration for Gas Flowmeter with Tracer Gas Dilution Method Dam Safety Analysis Based on Stepwise Regression Model Multiuser Beamforming Using Weighted Orthogonal Constant Modulus Algorithm Study on Zhongmou 500kV High Voltage Substation Monitoring System Based on Bluetooth Technology Research on Semantic Retrieval System for the Document Knowledge Based on Domain Ontology Research on the Capability of Survivability in Optical Network Research on New Routing Technology in WDM Network System Control Plane Functions and Multiple Connection Method in Switched Optical Network A Neuron-Fuzzy Technique for Fault Diagnosis in Rotating Machinery Study of Intelligent Information System Based CAN Bus Fast Multipole Virtual Boundary Element - Least Square Method for Solving 2-D Elastic Problems A Study of Listening Training Materials for Chinese Colleges Students in Second Language Acquisition Study on Tension Spring of Track Hydraulic Drill Rig A Novel Model for Production Distribution Optimization and its Solution Research on Multiform Circuit Multi-Carrier Transmitter in Smart Grid The Multi-Point Initiation Technology Based on Piezoelectric High-Voltage Converter of an Electronic Security System Application in DSP/FPGA Design of Matlab/Simulink An Algorithm and Characteristics Concerning a Sort of Orthogonal Ternary Matrix-Valued Frame Wavelet Packs Simulation and Training Platform for Self-Propelled Gun Based on Semi-Physical Simulation Abrasion Failure Lives Simulation and Prediction of Key Parts for Breech Mechanism Based on Virtual Prototype

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