Globalization and international organizations


Globalization and international organizations

edited by Edward Kwakwa

(The international library of essays on globalization and law)

Ashgate, c2011

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The last few years have witnessed several significant developments in respect of international organizations, most of which are best encapsulated in the word "change". In particular, international organizations have moved from their traditional role of facilitator of the activities of their members, to that of director of their own activities. As a result, there is increased scrutiny over issues relating to the governance, control, accountability and the privileges and immunities of international organizations. These subjects are all the focus of this book. Edward Kwakwa has collected together the best published work by leading authorities in the field on subjects of crucial importance and relevance to international organizations, particularly in the context of today's ever-increasing globalization. This book is of interest to scholars and students of law, as well as government and non-government practitioners and international civil servants.


  • Contents: Introduction: Part I General and Conceptual Issues: International organizations: then and now, Jose E. Alvarez
  • The law of international organizations: a subject which needs exploration and analysis, C.F. Amerasinghe
  • International institutions today: an imperial global state in the making, B.S. Chimni. Part II Governance, Constitutional Reform and Accountability: Governance and accountability: the regional development banks, Enrique R. Carrasco, Wesley Carrington and HeeJin Lee
  • Representation and power in international organization: the operational constitution and its critics, Jacob Katz Cogan
  • Constitutionalism lite, Jan Klabbers
  • The Bustani case before the ILOAT: constitutionalism in disguise?, Jan Klabbers. Part III Privileges and Immunities: Privileges and immunities of United Nations officials, Anthony J. Miller
  • In the shadow of Waite and Kennedy: the jurisdictional immunity of international organizations, the individual's right of access to courts and administrative tribunals as alternative means of dispute settlement, August Reinisch and Ulf Andreas Weber. Part IV Norm-Making: Law-making through the operational activities of international organizations, Ian Johnstone
  • Some comments on rule-making at the World Intellectual Property Organization, Edward Kwakwa. Part V Development: The World Intellectual Property Organization and the development agenda, Christopher May
  • International trade for development: the WTO as a development institution?, Asif H. Qureshi
  • The WTO, global governance and development, Supachai Panitchpakdi
  • Name index.

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