An introduction to clinical pharmaceutics


An introduction to clinical pharmaceutics

Alexander T. Florence

Pharmaceutical Press, c2010

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This unique textbook considers the role of basic pharmaceutics in determining or modifying clinical outcomes and in explaining the behaviour of medicines in the body, including adverse reactions due to formulations and excipients. An Introduction to Clinical Pharmaceutics covers recent developments such as personalised therapies and nanotechnology. All of the principles underpinning clinical pharmaceutics are supported using relevant examples from recent literature and clinical case studies, including issues of: formulation and excipients; surface tension; rheology; solubility; crystallisation and precipitation; aggregation; absorption. Examples and implications of each phenomenon are discussed with a reminder of the underlying pharmaceutics. This book is aimed at undergraduate pharmacy students, those on taught Masters courses of clinical and hospital pharmacy, and new practitioners who require an updating on the relevance of the subject that is virtually unique to pharmacy.


  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Drugs and Excipients
  • 3. Oral Formulations
  • 4. Parenteral Formulations
  • 5. Adverse Reactions
  • 6. Pharmaceutics and the Neonate
  • 7. Pharmaceutics of Disease States
  • 8. Advanced Delivery Systems.

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