Indigenous archaeologies : a reader on decolonization


    • Bruchac, Margaret M.
    • Hart, Siobhan M.
    • Wobst, Hans Martin


Indigenous archaeologies : a reader on decolonization

editors, Margaret M. Bruchac, Siobhan M. Hart, and H. Martin Wobst

(Archaeology and indigenous peoples series)

Left Coast Press, c2010

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 369-415) and index


  • Indigenous archaeologies : a worldwide perspective on human materialities and human rights / H. Martin Wobst
  • A new global phenomenon? / Ronald Niezen
  • This is not an answer to the question "who is indigenous?" / Alejandro F. Haber
  • Beyond black and white : essentialism, hybridity, and indigeneity / Yin C. Paradies
  • Colonizing knowledges / Linda Tuhiwai Smith
  • Indigenous worldviews and ways of knowing as theoretical and methodological foundations behind archaeological theory and method / Heather Harris
  • Remythologizing the relationship between Indians and archaeologists / Larry J. Zimmerman
  • Power to the (indigenous) past and present! : Or: the theory and method behind archaeological theory and method / H. Martin Wobst
  • Indigenous archaeology as decolonizing practice / Sonya Atalay
  • Archaeology, diaspora, and decolonization / Ian Lilley
  • Dwelling at the margins, action at the intersection? : Feminist and indigenous archaeologies, 2005 / Margaret W. Conkey
  • Copyrighting the past? : Emerging intellectual property rights issues in archaeology / George P. Nicholas and Kelly P. Bannister
  • In the spirit of the code / Claire Smith and Heather Burke
  • Decolonizing indigenous archaeology: developments from Down Under / Claire Smith and Gary Jackson
  • Nukun and Kungun Ngarrindjeri Ruwe (Look and listen to Ngarrindjeri Country) : an investigation of Ngarrindjeri perspectives of archaeology in relation to native title and heritage matters / Amy Roberts ... [et al.]
  • Wāhi Ngaro (the lost portion) : strengthening relationships between people and wetlands in North Taranaki, New Zealand / Harry Allen ... [et al.]
  • Indigenous research and archaeology : transformative practices in/with/for the Ngarrindjeri community / Christopher L. Wilson
  • Beyond the margin : American Indians, First Nations, and archaeology in North America / Joe E. Watkins
  • Paleo is not our word : protecting and growing a Mi'kmaw place / Donald M. Julien ... [et al.]
  • Caribou crossings and cultural meanings: placing traditional knowledge and archaeology in context in an Inuit landscape / Andrew M. Stewart, Darren Keith, and Joan Scottie
  • Confronting colonialism : the Mahican and Schaghticoke peoples and us / Russel G. Handsman and Trudie Lamb Richmond
  • Working on pasts for futures : Eastern Pequot Field School Archaeology in Conneticut / Stephen W. Silliman and Katherine H. Sebastian Dring
  • Decolonizing the archaeological landscape : the practice and politics of archaeology in British Columbia / George P. Nicholas
  • Developing an Aboriginal archaeology : receiving gifts from White Buffalo Calf Woman / Tara Million
  • Building a bridge to cross a thousand years / Dorothy Lippert
  • Navajo archaeologist is not an oxymoron : a tribal archaeologist's experience / Davina Two Bears
  • Maya archaeology and the political and cultural identity of contemporary Maya in Guatemala / Avexnim Cojti Ren
  • México / Randall H. McGuire
  • Archaeology, landscapes, and dreams : science, sacred offerings, and the practice of archaeology / Kevin Lane and Alexander Herrera
  • History and its discontents : stone statues, native histories, and archaeologists / Cristóbal Gnecco and Carolina Hernández
  • Reframing social equality within an intercultural archaeology / Alejandro F. Haber
  • Indigenous knowledge and archaeological science : the challenges of public archaeology in the Reserva Uaçá / Lesley Fordred Green, David R. Green, and Eduardo Góes Neves
  • Situational ethics and engaged practice : the case of archaeology in Africa / Martin Hall
  • Using archaeology to remake history in Africa / Peter R. Schmidt
  • Another world : archaeology and intellectual property / Sven Ouzman
  • The roles of applied and development anthropology and archaeology among the San of Botswana / Robert K. Hitchcock
  • Indigenous perception of cultural heritage and its management : a cursory blueprint among the Senufo in the Sikasso region of Mali / Sekou Berte
  • Transforming archaeology through practice : strategies for collaborative archaeology and the community archaeology project at Quseir, Egypt / Stephamie Moser...[et al.]
  • Public archaeology and indigenous communities / Mike Parker Pearson and Ramilisonina
  • The archaeology of the disenfranchised / Sandra A. Scham
  • Multivocality, multifaceted voices, and Korean archaeology / Minkoo Kim
  • Decolonizing methodologies as strategies of practice : operationalizing the postcolonial critique in the archaeology of Rajasthan / Uzma Z. Rizvi
  • Whose archaeology? : decolonizing archaeological perspective in Hokkaido Island / Hirofumi Kato
  • Written off the map : cleared landscapes of medieval Ireland / Angèle Smith
  • Colonial constructs : colonialism and archaeology in the Mediterranean / Peter van Dommelen
  • Public archaeology and indigenous communities / Mike Parker Pearson and Ramilisonina
  • Time and landscape / Barbara Bender
  • Indigenous journeys : Splinterville, Drenthe, Amherst / Margaret M. Bruchac
  • Rock carvings in a Saami perspective : some comments on politics and ethnicity in archaeology / Odd Mattis Hætta
  • Prehistory, identity, and archaeological representation in Nordic museums / Janet E. Levy
  • Imagining the future of indigenous archaeologies / Margaret M. Bruchac



This comprehensive reader on indigenous archaeology shows that collaboration has become a key part of archaeology and heritage practice worldwide. Collaborative projects and projects directed and conducted by indigenous peoples independently have become standard, community concerns are routinely addressed, and oral histories are commonly incorporated into research. This volume begins with a substantial section on theoretical and philosophical underpinnings, then presents key articles from around the globe in sections on Oceania, North America, Mesoamerica and South America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. Editorial introductions to each piece con-textualize them in the intersection of archaeology and indigenous studies. This major collection is an ideal text for courses in indigenous studies, archaeology, heritage management, and related fields.

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