Air, the environment and public health


    • Kessel, A. (Anthony)


Air, the environment and public health

Anthony S. Kessel

Cambridge University Press, 2010

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Air, the Environment and Public Health traces the theme of air and health from ancient civilisations onwards. The author explores the changing conceptions of air and health alongside historical developments in public health, and critically examines contemporary problems - conceptual, scientific, philosophical and ethical - in public health theory and practice. The first part surveys air and health in early civilisations, as well as the nineteenth-century debates around miasma and evolution. The second part explores the history of smoke pollution and health. Part three examines philosophical issues around modern air pollution epidemiology, and part four looks at climate change and ethical frameworks in public health. The book is a unique blend of public health science, history of medicine, ethics and philosophy. It will be of interest to those working or studying in public health, environmental health, medicine, history of medicine, environmental philosophy, and medical ethics.


  • Glossary of terms and abbreviations
  • Foreword David Greaves and Tony McMichael
  • Introduction
  • Part I. Whole Air: 1. Early conceptions of air and health
  • 2. Miasma, contagion, and survival of the fittest
  • Part II. Polluted Air: 3. As far as is practicable: air pollution policy and public health in England, 1800-1900
  • 4. Hot air but little action: air pollution policy and public health in England, 1900-1939
  • 5. Disaster, reductionism and personal responsibility: air pollution policy and public health, 1939-1970
  • Part III. Air Pollution, Epidemiology and Public Health: Theoretical and Philosophical Considerations: 6. Measuring the health effects of polluted air: quantitative risk assessment case-study
  • 7. Epidemiological theory and philosophical considerations
  • 8. Public health, philosophy and the nature of evidence
  • Part IV. New Horizons: 9. Climate change: science and utilitarianism
  • 10. Climate change, social justice, and other moral frameworks
  • 11. The bigger picture: environmental ethics and new moral horizons in public health
  • 12. Conclusions and recommendations
  • Index.

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