An economic perspective on trade mark law


An economic perspective on trade mark law

Andrew Griffiths

(New horizons in intellectual property)

Edward Elgar, c2011

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An Economic Perspective on Trade Mark Law uses economic analysis to examine the capacity of a trade mark to stimulate and strengthen demand for marked products and the trade mark's role in marketing and business organization. It uses this perspective to evaluate the exclusive rights that trade mark owners enjoy and other issues in trade mark law. It argues that the trade mark has enabled marketing to develop as a distinct form of economic activity and that the trade mark's flexibility as a structuring device has had a major impact on the evolution of the firm and on the organization of streams of economic activity. This invaluable book will appeal to academics, postgraduate and undergraduate students in the fields of trade mark law, business organization, intellectual property and law and economics. Solicitors and other professionals specializing in trade mark law and/or marketing will also find much to interest them in this insightful book.


Contents: Preface 1. Trade Marks in Modern Commercial Life 2. The Legal Nature of a Trade Mark as a Marketing Resource and a Structuring Device 3. The Marketing Power of Trade Marks 4. Trade Marks and the Organization of Economic Activity 5. An Economic Perspective on Trade Mark Law 6. Concluding Thoughts Bibliography Index

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