Every day gets a little closer : a twice-told therapy



Every day gets a little closer : a twice-told therapy

Irvin D. Yalom and Ginny Elkin

Basic Books, c1974

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The many thousands of readers of the best-selling Love's Executioner will welcome this paperback edition of an earlier work by Dr. Irvin Yalom, written with Ginny Elkin, a pseudonymous patient whom he treated,the first book to share the dual reflections of psychiatrist and patient.Ginny Elkin was a troubled young and talented writer whom the psychiatric world had labeled as "schizoid." After trying a variety of therapies, she entered into private treatment with Dr. Irvin Yalom at Stanford University. As part of their work together, they agreed to write separate journals of each of their sessions. Every Day Gets a Little Closer is the product of that arrangement, in which they alternately relate their descriptions and feelings about their therapeutic relationship.


* Editors Foreword * Doctor Yaloms Foreword * Ginnys Foreword * The First Fall * A Long Spring * Summer * A Passing Winter * A Final Spring * Every Day Gets a Little Closer * Doctor Yaloms Afterword * Ginnys Afterword

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