The ethics of banking : conclusions from the financial crisis



The ethics of banking : conclusions from the financial crisis

by Peter Koslowski ; translated from German by Deborah Shannon

(Issues in business ethics, v. 30)

Springer, c2011


Ethik der Banken : Folgerungen aus der Finanzkrise

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Originally published: München : W. Fink, c2009

Includes bibliographical references (p. 197-209) and index



The Ethics of Banking analyzes the systemic and the ethical mistakes that led to the crisis. It keeps the middle ground between excusing all failures by the argument of a systemic crisis not to be taken responsibility for by the financial managers and the moralistic reproach that only moral failure is at the origin of the crisis. It investigates the role of speculation in the formation of the crisis and distinguishes between productive speculation for hedging and for securing market liquidity on the one hand, and unproductive and even detrimental hyper-speculation going far beyond of the degree of speculation that is necessary in a developed economy for the liquidity of financial markets, on the other hand. Hyper-speculation has increased the risks of the financial system and is still doing so.


Preface.- Introduction: Is the Finance Industry Ethically Irrelevant?.- Part A Foundations of Business and Finance Ethics.- Chapter 1 Ethical Economy, Economic Ethics, Business Ethics.- Part B The Ethical Economy and Finance Ethics of the Markets for Credit, Capital, Corporate Control, and Derivatives.- Chapter 2 The Ethical Economy of the Credit Market.- Chapter 3 The Ethical Economy of the Capital Market.- Chapter 4 Insider Knowledge and Insider Trading as Central Problems of Finance Ethics.- Chapter 5 The Ethical Economy of the Market for Corporate Control and for Corporate Know-How.- Chapter 6 The Ethical Economy of the Market for Derivatives: Trading with Values Derived from Other Values for Hedging, Speculation, and Arbitrage.- Chapter 7 Interdependences Between the Financial Markets for Credit, Capital, and Derivatives, and the Challenges the Financial Markets Pose for Ethics.- Chapter 8 The 'Banking Secret' and the Right to Privacy The Banks' Duty of Confidentiality and Banking Secrecy.- Part C Financial Wagers, Hyper-Speculation, Financial Overstretch The Financial Market Crisis of 2008 and Finance Ethics.- Chapter 9 Financial Wagers, Hyper-Speculation, and Shareholder Primacy.- Chapter 10 Financial Overstretch The Epochal Disturbance of the Invisible Hand of the Market by the Financial Industry.- References.

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