Henry James and the queerness of style


Henry James and the queerness of style

Kevin Ohi

University of Minnesota Press, c2011

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Includes bibliographical references and index


  • Introduction: On the erotics of literary of style
  • Writing queerness: zeugma and syllepsis in The golden bowl
  • The burden of residuary comment: syntactical idiosyncrasies in The wings of the dove
  • Hover, torment, waste: late writings and the great war
  • Lambert Strether's belatedness: The ambassadors and the queer afterlife of style



Kevin Ohi begins this energetic book with the proposition that to read Henry James-particularly the late texts-is to confront the queer potential of style and the traces it leaves on the literary life. In contrast to other recent critics, Ohi asserts that James's queerness is to be found neither in the homoerotic thematics of the texts, however startlingly explicit, nor in the suggestions of same-sex desire in the author's biography, however undeniable, but in his style.

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