The sociology of education : a systematic analysis


The sociology of education : a systematic analysis

Jeanne H. Ballantine, Floyd M. Hammack

Pearson, c2012

7th ed

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 373-421) and index



A comprehensive and cross-cultural look at the sociology of education. The text integrates important and diverse topics in the field by showing how they are related. The Sociology of Education: A Systematic Analysis provides a sociological analysis of education using several theoretical approaches. The authors include practical applications and current educational issues to discuss the structure and processes that make education systems work. Learning Goals Upon completing this book, readers should be able to:Learn diverse theoretical approaches in the sociology of educationAssess important current or emerging topics, including higher education, informal education ("climate" and the "hidden curriculum"), the school environment, education around the world, and educational movements and alternativesUnderstand how change takes place and what role sociologists playBecome involved with educational systems where they can put to use the knowledge available in textbooks


Ballantine/Hammack The Sociology of Education Seventh Edition Chapter1 Sociology of Education: A Unique Perspective for Understanding Schools Sociology and Education U.S. Schools in the Early Twenty-First Century: Applying Sociological Findings Theoretical Approaches in the Sociology of Education The Open Systems Approach Research Methods in Sociology of Education Organization of the Book Chapter 2 Conflicting Functions and Processes in Education: What Makes the System Work? Conflicting Functions of Education The Importance of Processes in Educational Systems The Function of Socialization: What We Learn and How We Learn It The Function of Cultural Transmission and Process of Passing On Culture The Function of Social Control and Personal Development The Function of Selection and Allocation: The Sorting Process The Function of Change and Innovation: Looking to the Future Chapter 3 Education and the Process of Stratification The Crisis in Schooling The Process of Stratification: Is Inequality Inevitable? Stratification and Equality of Educational Opportunity Chapter 4 Gender, Race, and Class: Attempts to Achieve Equality of Educational Opportunity Gender and Equality of Educational Opportunity Class, Race, and Attempts to Rectify Inequalities in Educational Opportunity Integration Attempts Educational Experience of Selected Minorities in the United States Improving Schools for Minority Students Chapter 5 The School as an Organization The Social System of the School Goals of the School System The School as an Organization Centralized versus Decentralized Decision Making: The Fight over Control of Schools Chapter 6 Formal School Statuses and Roles: "The Way It Spozed to Be" The Meaning of Roles Professionals in the Educational System Roles in Schools Chapter 7 Students: The Core of the School Student Characteristics School Failures and Dropouts Students and the Informal System Students and Their Environments Chapter 8 The Informal System and the "Hidden Curriculum": What Really Happens in School? The Open Systems Approach and the Informal System The Educational "Climate" and School Effectiveness Power Dynamics and Roles in the Informal System Chapter 9 The Educational System and the Environment: A Symbiotic Relationship The Environment and the Educational System The School Systems' Environments: Interdependence Between Institutions Chapter 10 The System of Higher Education History and Development of Higher Education Theoretical Approaches to Higher Education Characteristics of Higher Education in the United States Functions of the Higher Education System Higher Education as an Organization Roles in Higher Education Environmental Pressures on Higher Education Outcomes of Higher Education Problems and Reform in Higher Education Chapter 11 Educational Systems Around the World: A Comparative View Comparative Educational Studies Theoretical Perspectives in Comparative Education Global Institutional Interdependence Stages of Economic Development and Educational Change Higher Education Around the World Chapter 12 Educational Systems Around the World: Britain, China, and Post-Colonial Africa Education in Britain Education in the People's Republic of China Formal Education in Colonial Africa Chapter 13 Educational Movements and Reform The Nature of Educational Movements Early Educational Movements Alternative Education and Related Movements Structural and Curricular Changes in the Schools References Index

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