Zone golf : master your mental game using self-hypnosis


    • Walden, Kelly Sullivan


Zone golf : master your mental game using self-hypnosis

Kelly Sullivan Walden

Sourcebooks, c2010

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This is a revolutionary handbook showing how to use your subconscious to reap rewards on the golf course. The only book out there on using hypnosis in golf, "Zone Golf" includes self-hypnosis tracks on an accompanying audio CD. Hypnosis is one of the quickest and most effective ways to create long-lasting change, and "Zone Golf" gives golfers a powerful weapon against the yips, missed putts, shots in the bunker, and more. Readers will learn to: turn your thinking on its head and become the master of your mind; understand that your natural golfing genius already resides within you; win the game before you play; sleep your way to success; and, put your passion into action. The subconscious mind is approximately 88 per cent of the mind's power, and entering the golf zone will allow you to take your golf game to a completely different level.

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