Mary Tudor : old and new perspectives


Mary Tudor : old and new perspectives

edited by Susan Doran and Thomas S. Freeman

Palgrave Macmillan, 2011

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Bibliography: p. 272-322

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This collection of interdisciplinary essays examines the origins and growth of Mary Tudor's historical reputation, from the reign of Elizabeth I up to the 20th century. Re-appraising aspects of her reign that have been misrepresented the book creates a more balanced, objective portrait of England's last Catholic, and first female, monarch.


  • List of Maps and Figures .- Acknowledgements .- Notes on the Contributors .- Abbreviations.- Introduction
  • T.Freeman.- PART I: OLD PERSPECTIVES A 'Sharp Rod' of Chastisement: Mary I Through Protestant Eyes During the Reign of Elizabeth I
  • S.Doran .- Her Majesty, Which is Now in Heaven: Mary Tudor and the Elizabethan Catholics
  • V.Houliston .- The Exclusion Crisis of 1553 and the Elizabethan Succession
  • P. Kewes .- 'Thus Like A Nun, Not Like a Princess Born': Dramatic Representations of Mary Tudor in the Early Years of the Seventeenth Century
  • T.Grant.- Inventing 'Bloody Mary': Perceptions of Mary Tudor from Restoration to the Twentieth Century
  • T.Freeman.- PART II: NEW PERSPECTIVES Ad Omne Virtutum Genus?: Mary Between Piety, Pedagogy and Praise in Early-Tudor Humanism
  • A.W.Taylor.- Religion and Translation at the Court of Henry VIII: Princess Mary, Katherine Parr and the Paraphrases of Erasmus
  • A.Pollnitz.- Maids and Wives: Representing Female Rule during the Reign of Mary Tudor
  • T.Betteridge.- The Religious Policy of Mary I
  • W.Wizeman, SJ.- Burning Zeal: Mary Tudor and the Marian persecution
  • T.Freeman.- Reassessing Mary Tudor: Some Concluding Points
  • J.Richards .- Appendix: List of the Marian martyrs .- Further Reading.

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