Diversity and society : race, ethnicity, and gender


    • Healey, Joseph F.


Diversity and society : race, ethnicity, and gender

Joseph F. Healey

Pine Forge Press/Sage, c2012

3[rd ed.], 2011/2012 update

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Includes bibliographical references (p.429-452) and index



Derived from the fifth edition of Joseph F. Healey's bestselling text "Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Class", the third edition of "Diversity and Society: Race, Ethnicity, and Gender, 2011 Update" provides an accessible sociological analysis of U.S. minority groups. Updated throughout, this abbreviated edition retains the conceptual frameworks and organizational format of the larger version, and is the only brief text to present a unitary sociological frame of reference for the analysis of minority-dominant relations.


Preface Part I. An Introduction to the Study of Minority Groups in the United States 1. Diversity in the United States: Questions and Concepts 2. Assimilation and Pluralism: From Immigrants to White Ethnics toWhite Americans Part II. The Evolution of Dominant-Minority Relations in the United States 3. The Development of Dominant-Minority Group Relations in Preindustrial America: The Origins of Slavery 4. Industrialization and Dominant-Minority Relations: From Slavery to Segregation and the Coming of Postindustrial Society Part III.Understanding Dominant-Minority Relations in the United States Today 5. African Americans: From Segregation to Modern Institutional Discrimination and Modern Racism 6. American Indians: From Conquest to Tribal Survival in a Postindustrial Society 7. Hispanic Americans: Colonization, Immigration, and Ethnic Enclaves 8. Asian Americans: "Model Minorities"? Part IV. Challenges for the Present and the Future 9. New Americans, Assimilation, and Old Challenges 10. Minority Groups and U.S. Society: Themes, Patterns, and the Future Glossary References Index About the Author Appendix: Selections From CQ Researcher Census Controversy: Should Undocumented Immigrants Be Counted? Women in the Military: Should Combat Roles Be Fully Open to Women? Future of Globalization: Is the Recession Triggering Deglobalization?

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