Gender and fraternal orders in Europe, 1300-2000


Gender and fraternal orders in Europe, 1300-2000

edited by Máire Fedelma Cross

Palgrave Macmillan, 2010

  • : hardback

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Includes bibliographical references and index



What have medieval nuns, parrot shooting, Freemasonry, and Shetland revelry got in common? This study of monastic orders, guilds, Freemasonry and friendly societies over centuries and across frontiers provides new insights into their contribution to the gendering of public space and the evolution of 'separate spheres' in Europe.


  • List of Illustrations Preface Seven Hundred Years of Fraternal Orders
  • D.Weinbren Men and Women in the Guild Returns
  • A.Prescott Women in Monastic Orders
  • A.Winston-Allen The Archduchess and the Parrot
  • M.Twycross Masonic Apologetic Writings
  • R.Beachy Protectresses in Jacobite Fraternities
  • R.Collis 'The Fair Sex' in 'Male Sects'
  • R.Peter 'Sisters of Virtue' in Swedish Pomerania
  • A.OEnnerfors French Masonic Culture on the Eve of the Revolution
  • J.Smith Allen The Fraternity of Female Friendly Societies
  • D.Weinbren Flora Tristan's Appeal for Fraternity
  • M.F.Cross Squads and Ha's
  • P.M.King Notes Index

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