Autism : educational and therapeutic approaches


    • Kalyva, Efrosini


Autism : educational and therapeutic approaches

Efrosini Kalyva

Sage, 2011

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"Greek edition first published 2005 by Papazisí Publications"--T.p. verso

Includes bibliographical references (p. 143-180) and index



There are a number of different approaches and therapies available for children, young people and adults on the autistic spectrum, and the amount of information available on each one can be daunting for professionals and parents alike. This book offers concise and clear explanations of a variety of proposed interventions and their effectiveness, and helps the reader to decide on the most appropriate treatment for each individual. Efrosini Kalyva writes accessibly about recent scientific evidence and the latest research, and allows you to consider the pros and cons of each approach. She focuses on the following areas: - cognitive-behavioural approaches - developing social interaction - alternative communication strategies - developing play - sensory-motor approaches - psychotherapeutic approaches - biochemical approaches This much-needed guide for practitioners and student teachers will also appeal to interested parents, and to anyone looking for a comparative examination of the variety of treatments on offer.


Introduction PART ONE: COGNITIVE-BEHAVIOURAL APPROACHES A: Applied Behaviour Analysis B: TEACCH Programme C: Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy D: Denver Health Sciences Programme E: DIR/Floortime Method F: LEAP - Learning Experiences: An Alternative Programme for Preschoolers and Parents G: Miller Method PART TWO: APPROACHES FOR DEVELOPING SOCIAL INTERACTION A: Social Stories B: Circle of Friends PART THREE: APPROACHES FOR DEVELOPING ALTERNATIVE COMMUNICATION A PECS B Sign Language PART FOUR: APPROACHES BASED ON PLAY A: Non-Directive Play B: Pivotal Response Training C: Integrated Play Groups PART FIVE: SENSORIMOTOR APPROACHES A: Music Therapy B: Sensory Integration C: Auditory Integration D: Visual Therapies E: Facilitated Communication F: Higashi School or Daily Life Therapy PART SIX: BIOCHEMICAL APPROACHES Pharmacotherapy Secretin Other Biochemical Therapies Other Approaches A: Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy B: Holding Therapy C: Son-Rise Programme or Options Epilogue References

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