Biotechnology : academic cell update



Biotechnology : academic cell update

authors, David P. Clark, Nanette J. Pazdernik

Academic Cell Press, c2012

Update ed

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Now available with the most current and relevant journal articles from Cell Press, Biotechnology Academic Cell Update Edition approaches modern biotechnology from a molecular basis, which grew out of the increasing biochemical understanding of physiology. Using straightforward, less-technical jargon, Clark and Pazdernik manage to introduce each chapter with a basic concept that ultimately evolves into a more specific detailed principle. This up-to-date text covers a wide realm of topics, including the forensics used in crime scene investigations, the burgeoning field of nanobiotechnology, bioethics and other cutting edge topics in today's world of biotechnology.


Chapter 1 - Basics of Biotechnology Chapter 2 - DNA, RNA, and Protein Chapter 3 - Recombinant DNA Technology Chapter 4 - DNA Synthesis In Vivo and In Vitro Chapter 5 - RNA-Based Technologies Chapter 6 - Immune Technology Chapter 7 - Nanobiotechnology Chapter 8 - Genomics and Gene Expression Chapter 9: Proteomics Chapter 10 - Recombinant Proteins Chapter 11 - Protein Engineering Chapter 12 - Environmental Biotechnology Chapter 13 - Pathway Engineering Chapter 14 - Transgenic Plants and Plant Biotechnology Chapter 15 - Transgenic Animals Chapter 16 - Inherited Defects Chapter 17 - Gene Therapy Chapter 18 - Molecular Biology of Cancer Chapter 19 - Non-Infectious Diseases Chapter 20 - Aging and Apoptosis Chapter 21 - Bacterial Infections Chapter 22 - Viral and Prion Infections Chapter 23 - Biowarfare and Bioterrorism Chapter 24 - Forensic Molecular Biology Chapter 25 - Bioethics in Biotechnology

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