Guide to evidence-based physical therapist practice


Guide to evidence-based physical therapist practice

Dianne V. Jewell

Jones & Bartlett Learning, c2011

2nd ed

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Rev. ed. of: Guide to evidence-based physical therapy practice / Dianne V. Jewell. c2008

Includes bibliographical references and index



Guide to Evidence-Based Physical Therapist Practice provides readers with the information and tools needed to appreciate the philosophy, history, and value of evidence-based practice, understand what constitutes evidence, search efficiently for applicable evidence in the literature, evaluate the findings in the literature, and integrate the evidence with clinical judgement and individual patient preferences and values. This unique handbook marries the best elements of multiple texts into a single accessible guide. The Second Edition has been updated throughout with new references and expanded information on key topics. There are two new chapters: Appraising Evidence about Clinical Prediction Rules and Appraising Evidence about Self-report Outcomes Measures. The new edition is divided into four sections that break down the research process, this user-friendly text also includes key terms, learning objectives, exercises, diagrams and worksheets, and useful appendices. This is a comprehensive resource no physical therapist or student should be without. Updates to the Second Edition: New chapter on Appraising Evidence About Clinical Prediction Rules Chapter 10 is expanded to help readers understand the differences in critiquing evidence about diagnostic tests v. evidence about clinical measures Chapter 13 is split into two chapters - Appraisal of Evidence About Outcomes Research and Appraisal of Evidence About Self-Report Outcomes Measures Additional patient case examples in Chapter 18: Putting it All Together (Chapter 15 in the 1st edition) Revised worksheets for easier documentation of findings during evidence appraisal process Updated information and screen shots for data base search engines Instructor Resources Include: Sample Syllabus, PowerPoint Slides, Image Bank, and Answers to End of Chapter Questions

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