New pathways in inorganic chemistry


New pathways in inorganic chemistry

edited by E.A.V. Ebsworth, A.G. Maddock, A.G. Sharpe

Cambridge University Press, 2011

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"Dedicated to Harry Julius Emeléus"

"First published 1968, first paperback edition 2011"--t.p. verso

Includes bibliographical references



This 1968 volume contains a number of authoritative accounts in many areas of organic chemistry. Volatile compounds and elements of groups III and IV of the periodic table and fluorine compounds receive particular attention, but aspects of general structural chemistry, organometallic compounds, metal-metal bonding, non-aqueous solutions, coordination compounds and solid state chemistry are also covered by specialists. Each chapter was an important review and a stimulus to workers in its field. The book as a whole is a valuable survey of the scope and methods of inorganic chemistry of this time. The contributors are all former students of Professor Emeleus and this book was devoted to him on the occasion of his 65th birthday. It includes a brief account of his scientific career and achievements by the editors of the volume.


  • List of authors
  • Preface E. A. V. Ebsworth, A. G. Maddock and A. G. Sharpe
  • 1. Organometallic cations Howard C. Clark
  • 2. Unusual coordination numbers A. J. Downs
  • 3. Gallium hydride and its derivatives N. N. Greenwood
  • 4. Properties of donor solvents and coordination chemistry in their solutions V. Gutmann
  • 5. Perfluoropseudohalides and the chemistry of chlorofluoromethylsuphenyl compounds Alois Haas
  • 6. Polyfluoroalkyl silicon compounds R. N. Haszeldine
  • 7. Fluoroalkylmercurials J. J. Lagowski
  • 8. Catenationin inorganic silicon compounds A. G. MacDiarmid
  • 9. Metal-metal interaction in paramagnetic clusters R. L. Martin
  • 10. Amides as non-aqueous solvents R. C. Paul
  • 11. Defect aggregation in solid state chemistry A. L. G. Rees
  • 12. Transition metal derivatives of silicon, germanium, tin and lead F. G. A. Stone
  • 13. Chemistry compounds of Schiff bases B. O. West
  • 14. Fluorosulphates A. A. Woolf
  • Author index
  • Subject index.

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