Dynamics of Indian migration : historical and current perspectives


Dynamics of Indian migration : historical and current perspectives

editors, S. Irudaya Rajan, Marie Percot

Routledge, 2011

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This volume is a multidisciplinary approach to the subject of Indian international emigration and comprises contributions by demographers, economists, sociologists, geographers, anthropologists and historians. The book highlights emerging issues such as the political economy of international migration, skilled and unskilled migration, body shopping, return migration, immigration policies in the Gulf and experiences of emigrants from the states of Kerala and Punjab. It focuses on the current dimensions like skilled migrants in the IT sector of Malaysia, the entrepreneurial ventures of Keralites in the UAE, household remittances, inequality and poverty in Kerala, the gender dimension of Indian migration (with focus on nurses and housemaids in the Gulf) and cross-border migratory movements connected to the European Union, with an overview of the migration of Sikhs and Tamils to France. Finally, it carries a discussion of the evolution of India's public policies towards its diaspora.


List of Tables -- List of Figures -- List of Boxes -- Preface and Acknowledgements -- Introduction: Dynamics of Indian Migration/S. Irudaya Rajan, Aurelie Varrel and Marie Percot -- I: Historical and Current Perspectives -- 1. British Colonialism and International Migration from India: Four Destinations/Prakash C. Jain -- 2. Sikh Migration to France/Christine Moliner -- 3. Tamils in France/Anthony Goreau-Ponceaud -- II: International Perspectives -- 4. Immigration Policies of the GCC Countries: Implications and Responses/Zakir Hussain -- 5. Development of Entrepreneurial Initiatives in the UAE among Kerala Emigrants/Philippe Venier -- 6. Transcending Boundaries: Indian Nurses in Internal and International Migration/Marie Percot and Sreelekha Nair -- 7. Governmentality, Social Stigma and Quasi-citizenship: Gender Negotiations of Migrant Women Domestic Workers from Kerala/V. J. Varghese and S. Irudaya Rajan -- III: Skilled Emigration and Return Migration -- 8. Bridging the Binaries of Skilled and Unskilled Migration from India/Binod Khadria -- 9. Malaysia: A Launching Pad in the Global Circulation of the Indian Software Professionals/Eric Leclerc -- 10. Return Migration in the Light of the New Indian Diaspora Policy: Emerging Transnationalism/Aurelie Varrel -- IV: Emigration Experiences from Punjab and Kerala -- 11. In Search of Distant Shores: Exploring Contemporary Emigration from the Indian Punjab/Aswini Kumar Nanda and Jacques Veron -- 12. Economic and Social Dynamics of Migration in Kerala, 1998-2003: Analysis of Panel Data/K. C. Zachariah and S. Irudaya Rajan -- 13. Household Remittances, Inequality and Poverty: Evidence from the State of Kerala/Adeline Pelletier -- About the Editors -- Notes on Contributors -- Index.

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