Tourist behaviour and the contemporary world


Tourist behaviour and the contemporary world

Philip L. Pearce

(Aspects of tourism)

Channel View Publications, c2011

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 162-[182]) and indexes



This volume seeks to review and stimulate interest in a number of emerging and fresh topics in contemporary tourist behaviour and experience. Topics explored include the effects of newer technologies on tourists' behaviour and experience, tourists' experience of scams, safety and personal responsibility, individual perspectives on sustainability, and some dimensions of tourists' personal growth, relationships and altruism. The topics are bound together by an integrative approach to conceptualising experience which is seen as an ensemble of orchestrated sensory inputs; affective reactions; cognitive mechanisms used to think about and understand the setting; actions undertaken and the relevant relationships which define the participants' world. A special emphasis is placed on tourists' stories as a pathway to access the nature of tourists' experience. Potential research directions in the field are indicated throughout.


Preface 1. Pathways to Understanding 2. The digital tourist 3. The tourist in trouble 4. The tourists' footprints 5. Dimensions of personal change 6. Tourists connecting to others 7. Additional perspectives

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