Veterinary computed tomography


Veterinary computed tomography

edited by Tobias Schwarz, Jimmy Saunders

Wiley-Blackwell, 2011

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This practical and highly illustrated guide is an essential resource for veterinarians seeking to improve their understanding and use of computed tomography (CT) in practice. It provides a thorough grounding in CT technology, describing the underlying physical principles as well as the different types of scanners. The book also includes principles of CT examination such as guidance on positioning and how to achieve a good image quality. Written by specialists from twelve countries, this book offers a broad range of expertise in veterinary computed tomography, and is the first book to describe the technology, methodology, interpretation principles and CT features of different diseases for most species treated in veterinary practice. Key features An essential guide for veterinarians using CT in practice Includes basic principles of CT as well as guidelines on how to carry out an effective examination Describes CT features of different diseases for most species treated in practice Written by a range of international leaders in the field Illustrated with high quality photographs and diagrams throughout


Contributors ix Preface xiii Acknowledgements xv 1. CT Physics and Instrumentation Mechanical Design 1 Jimmy Saunders and Stefanie Ohlerth 2. CT Acquisition Principles 9 Tobias Schwarz and Robert O Brien 3. Principles of CT Image Interpretation 29 Jimmy Saunders and Tobias Schwarz 4. Artifacts in CT 35 Tobias Schwarz 5. CT Contrast Media and Applications 57 Rachel Pollard and Sarah Puchalski 6. Special Software Applications 67 Jennifer Kinns, Robert Malinowski, Fintan McEvoy, Tobias Schwarz and Allison Zwingenberger 7. Digital Environment 75 Robert Malinowski 8. CT Planning for Radiotherapy 77 Lisa J. Forrest 9. Interventional CT 81 Tobias Schwarz and Sarah Puchalski 10. Purchase Considerations 89 Victor Rendano Jr. 11. Nasal Cavities and Frontal Sinuses 93 Jimmy Saunders and Tobias Schwarz 12. Oral Cavity, Mandible, Maxilla and Dental Apparatus 111 Lisa J. Forrest and Tobias Schwarz 13. Temporomandibular Joint and Masticatory Apparatus 125 Tobias Schwarz 14. Orbita, Salivary Glands and Lacrimal System 137 Susanne Boroffka (orbita), Sophie Dennison, Tobias Schwarz and Jimmy Saunders 15. External, Middle and Inner Ear 153 Randi Drees 16. Calvarium and Zygomatic Arch 161 Federica Morandi 17. Lymph Nodes of Head and Neck 171 Olivier Taeymans 18. Pharynx, Larynx and Thyroid Gland 175 Olivier Taeymans and Tobias Schwarz 19. Brain 185 Silke Hecht 20. Pituitary Gland 197 Silke Hecht and Tobias Schwarz 21. Cranial Nerves and Associated Skull Foramina 205 Laurent Couturier 22. Vertebral Column and Spinal Cord 209 Gabriela Seiler, Jennifer Kinns, Sophie Dennison, Jimmy Saunders and Tobias Schwarz 23. Heart and Vessels 229 Marc-Andre d Anjou and Tobias Schwarz 24. Trachea 243 Tobias Schwarz and Jimmy Saunders 25. Mediastinum 249 Audrey Petite and Robert Kirberger 26. Lungs and Bronchi 261 Tobias Schwarz and Victoria Johnson 27. Pleura 279 Wilfried Mai 28. Thoracic Boundaries 285 Jimmy Saunders, Massimo Vignoli and Ingrid Gielen 29. Liver, Gallbladder and Spleen 297 Federica Rossi, Federica Morandi and Tobias Schwarz 30. Pancreas 315 Ana V. Caceres 31. Gastrointestinal Tract 325 Massimo Vignoli and Jimmy Saunders 32. Urinary System 331 Tobias Schwarz 33. Genital Tract 339 Jimmy Saunders, Federica Rossi and Tobias Schwarz 34. Adrenal Glands 351 Federica Morandi 35. Systemic and Portal Abdominal Vasculature 357 Tobias Schwarz 36. Abdominal Lymph Nodes and Lymphatic Collecting System 371 Federica Rossi, Michail Patsikas and Erik R. Wisner 37. Long Bones 381 Ryan M. Schultz and Erik R. Wisner 38. Joints 387 Valerie Samii (stifl e), Ingrid Gielen (shoulder, elbow, tarsus), Eberhard Ludewig (carpus), William H. Adams (hip), Ingmar Kiefer (carpus), Henri van Bree (shoulder, elbow, tarsus) and Jimmy Saunders 39. Particularities of Equine CT 421 Jimmy Saunders, Alastair Nelson and Katrien Vanderperren 40. Equine Sinonasal and Dental 427 Jimmy Saunders and Zoe Windley 41. Equine Calvarium, Brain and Pituitary Gland 443 Jennifer Kinns and Russ Tucker 42. Equine Neck and Spine 451 Jimmy Saunders and Hendrik-Jan Bergman 43. Equine Fractures 457 Hendrik-Jan Bergman and Jimmy Saunders 44. Equine Foot 463 Sarah Puchalski 45. Equine Fetlock 473 Katrien Vanderperren and Hendrik-Jan Bergman 46. Equine Upper Limbs (Carpus, Tarsus, Stifl e) 483 Hendrik-Jan Bergman and Jimmy Saunders 47. Ruminant and Porcine 503 Fintan McEvoy and Stefanie Ohlerth 48. Rabbits and Rodents 509 Randi Drees 49. Avian 517 Michaela Gumpenberger 50. Chelonians 533 Michaela Gumpenberger Index 545

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