iPad in the enterprise : developing and deploying business applications


    • Clevenger, Nathan


iPad in the enterprise : developing and deploying business applications

Nathan Clevenger

Wiley, c2011

  • : pbk

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Discover how to plan, design, develop, and deploy iPad apps forthe enterprise Having taken the enterprise by storm, iPads are now in the handsof workers in virtually every level of companies in almost everyindustry. But using iPad apps in the enterprise is more complexthan simply clicking an icon from the App Store. It presents uniquechallenges around software development, system integration,information security, application deployment, and devicemanagement. That's where this book comes in. iPhone Life Enterprise Editorand veteran mobile consultant Nathan Clevenger presents a guide fordeveloping a mobile strategy to properly take advantage of thistransformative technology. You'll learn about the high-levelsoftware architectural options, the importance of design and userexperience, application development tools and techniques, and bestpractices for deploying applications and managing iPads in theenterprise. * Explores the requirements of preparation for developing,deploying, and supporting iPad apps for the enterprise * Presents strategies for both business and IT to take advantageof the iPad and achieve dramatic ROI * Includes case studies of thought-leading organizations thathave empowered their workforce with iPads * Features companion iPad applications developed by the author,including worksheets, sample apps, training instructor guides iPad in the Enterprise gets you started immediatelyplanning, designing, developing, deploying, and managing iPad appsspecifically for the enterprise.


Introduction xxix Part I Strategy 1 Chapter 1 Understanding the Mobile Industry Landscape 3 Chapter 2 Embracing the Consumerization of IT 21 Chapter 4 Creating an Application Road Map 55 Part II Architecture 75 Chapter 5 Deciding Whether to Build or Buy 77 Chapter 6 Evaluating Potential Architectures 123 Chapter 7 Creating Enterprise-Friendly Solutions 137 Chapter 8 Exposing Data and Web Services 149 Part III Design 163 Chapter 9 Designing Enterprise iPad Applications 165 Chapter 10 User Experience Prototyping 179 Chapter 11 Maximizing Application Usability 203 Chapter 12 Improving through Iterations 215 Part IV Development 225 Chapter 13 Developing iPad Applications 227 Chapter 14 Sharing Business Logic between Applications 245 Chapter 15 Developing Mobile-Friendly Web Services 261 Chapter 16 Ensuring Application and Data Security 277 Part V Deployment 293 Chapter 17 Planning a Deployment 295 Chapter 18 Provisioning and Confi guring the Devices 309 Chapter 19 Deploying Applications Over the Air 325 Chapter 20 Managing and Securing the Deployment 337 Index 351

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