Education for equality : some guidelines for good practice


Education for equality : some guidelines for good practice

edited by Mike Cole

Routledge, 1989

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Tackles the issues of class, gender and racial inequality in education giving practical advice for teachers at all levels. This book should be of interest to students of education and teachers, curriculum planners, policy makers.


1. Class, Gender and Race: from Theory to Practice Mike Cole 2. On Getting Equal Opportunities Policies - And Keeping Them Chris Gaine 3. A Management of Change Perspective: Turning the Whole School Around Pauline Lyseight-Jones 4. Materials, Resources and Methods Robin Richardson 5. The Playgroup/Nursery Jane Lane 6.The Infant Years Jackie Granados Johnson, Jane Helliwell, Joan Nicholson, Diane Reay, Helen Schwarz, and Geraldine Wright 7. The Junior Years Muriel Robinson 8. The Secondary Years: Maths and Science Europe Singh 9. Education and a Social Democracy: Secondary School Humanities Doug Holly 10. After Bilingual Support? Ahmed Gurnah 11. The FE Experience Beverley Bryan 12. The Special Role of Teacher Education Crispin Jones and Rosalind Street-Porter.

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