DIY furniture : a step-by-step guide


    • Stuart, Christopher


DIY furniture : a step-by-step guide

Christopher Stuart

Laurence King, 2011-

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2 ISBN 9781780673677


Featuring 30 new designs by leading designer-makers from around the world, DIY Furniture 2 builds on the international success of the previous title, showing you step-by-step how to make unique designer furniture. Including both conceptual objects and modern designs, the book showcases innovative processes using readily available materials commonly found at the local hardware store. Each project features diagrams with short, easy-to-follow instructions on how to build the piece. The projects range from novice to experienced, allowing the reader to start where they are comfortable and work towards more difficult projects as they gain knowledge, familiarity with tools and confidence. The designs in this book will have you thinking about common materials in a whole new way!


1. SHELVING AND STORAGE Naoya Matsuo - Tokyo, Japan Brikolor - Goteborg, Sweden Thomas Jenkins - Oslo, Norway Blanca Ortiz - Madrid, Spain 2. LIGHTING Sara Ebert - New York, US Brendan Keim - Rhode Island, US 45 Kilo, - Berlin, Germany Sarah Pease - US 3. TABLES AND DESKS Travis Ekmark - Atlanta, US Dominik Hehl - Berlin, Germany Daniel Franzen - Sweden Niccolo Spirito - Italy Stephanie Hornig - Austria 4. SEATING Studio Swine - London, UK Ruckerkorp - New York, US Ladies and Gentlemen - Seattle, US Kwangho Lee - Seoul, Korea Niccolo Spirito - Italy 5. BEDROOM Christopher Stuart, - Indiana, US Christian Hallerod - Stockholm, Sweden Love-Aesthetics - the Netherlands Ruckerkorp - New York, US Katrin Arens - Germany/Italy 6. OUTDOOR Studiomama - London, UK Daniel Franzen - Sweden Christopher Stuart - Indiana, US 7. MISCELLANEOUS Jean-Philippe Bonzon - Swiss/China Alvaro Wolmer of StudioMK27 - Brazil David Taylor - UK/Sweden Chen Chen and Kai Williams - New York, US

[1] ISBN 9781856697422


Featuring 30 designs by leading designer-makers from around the world DIY Furniture shows you how to use simple techniques to make stunning designer furniture from scratch. All the projects can be easily assembled using the step-by-step guides from common materials which can be found at the local hardware store. Along with designs for seating and storage, the book also features projects for making your own bed, wardrobe, lighting and garden furniture. Each project features handdrawn diagrams with short, easy-to-follow instructions on how to build the piece. Whether building from scratch or customising existing designs, DIY Furniture allows you to create unique designer pieces at a fraction of the normal cost. Brief biographies of all the featured designers are included at the end of the book.


1. Tables and desks Newspaper table - Malafor, Poland Ultra-conductive table - Paul Loebach, US Nesting/Stacking tables - Florian Krautli, Swiss working in Netherlands Reslience tables - Julia Lohmann, UK Brass ensemble - Jorre Van Ast, Dutch working in UK Konfitable - Kofikolektif, Poland Writing desk - Luigi Fumagalli, Italy 2. Shelving and storage Split-box shelves - Peter Marigold, UK T-shelf - J1 Studio, US Pipe shelf - Malafor, Poland Box credenza - Will Gittins, UK 3. Lighting Lampada a stelo - Kueng Caputo, Switzerland "You make it" fixture - Lindsey Adelman, US Qooqoo lamp - Moomoo, Poland 4. Seating Poltrona armchair - Nicola Golfari, Italy To become one seat - Erwin Zwiers, Netherlands Sedia e sgabello chair and stool - Alessandro Confalonieri and Luca Buttafava, Italy Hopeless Diamond sofa - Christopher Stuart, US The Panther sofa - Volido, Spain/US 5. Bedroom Divano letto sofabed - Marissa Morelli and Max Rommel, Italy Dressing table - Uhuru, US Oddstock Floored Wardrobe - Christopher Stuart, US 6. Outdoor Sunbed - Cristiano Urban, Italy Ambiguous chair - Anne Mette Manelius, Denmark Green screen - Paola De Francesco and Joao Silva, Italy/Brazil Fire Up Campfire - Evelien Stamhuis of LIENHUIS, Netherlands 7. Miscellaneous Coat rack - Rich Brilliant Willing, US Sailor's Dream floor covering - Jonas Klein of Supershape, Denmark Symbiosis wood speakers - Stanley Ruiz, US Ljustake candle holder - Gylldorff's Vaudeville, Sweden Designer biographies

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