The internationalization of East Asian higher education : globalization's impact


    • Palmer, John D. (John David)


The internationalization of East Asian higher education : globalization's impact

edited by John D. Palmer ... [et al.]

(International & development education)

Palgrave Macmillan, 2011

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Develops new and intriguing insights into globalization theory and internationalization practice, expanding the investigation of East Asian values and contexts in comparison and separate from Western-dominant thoughts of globalization and internationalization in higher education.


  • Ideologies of Globalization and Internationalization of Higher Education: An East Asian Context
  • A.Roberts & J.D.Palmer Internationalization of Higher Education as a Major Strategy for Developing Regional Education Hubs: A Comparison of Hong Kong and Singapore
  • D.KinKeung Chan Concepts, Contributions, and Challenges of the Contemporary University Community in Taiwan
  • A.Roberts & G.Ching A Pearl on the Silk Road? Internationalizing a Regional Chinese University
  • A.R.Welch & R.Yang Minority Students' Access to Higher Education in an Era of Globalization: A Case of Ethnic Koreans in China
  • H.Park & W.J.Jacob Does Internationalization Really Mean Americanization? A Closer Look at Major South Korean Universities' Internationalization Policies
  • J.D.Palmer & Y.H.Cho What it takes to Internationalize Higher Education in Korea and Japan: English-Mediated Courses and International Students
  • J.E.Jon & E.Y.Kim Higher Education Global Rankings Systems in East Asia
  • P.Ghazarian Internationalization of Higher Education in East Asia: Issues, Implications, and Inquiries
  • M.S.Wong & S.F.Wu

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