Laboratory mouse procedural techniques : manual and DVD


    • Bogdanske, John J.


Laboratory mouse procedural techniques : manual and DVD

John J. Bogdanske ... [et al.]

CRC Press, c2011

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This combination manual and DVD provides much-needed training on the proper handling of mice used in biomedical research. The DVD includes narrated video clips that demonstrate and describe each procedural technique. The manual contains handouts with color illustrations and descriptive text for each technique, including the purpose and application of the procedure, recommended skills, and necessary supplies. It can be used as a training resource and refresher for lab animal veterinarians, veterinary technicians, animal care staff, trainers, and research investigators and staff who work with mice.


DVD Text and Voice-over Mouse Handling/Transfer Mouse Restraint Oral Gavage One-Handed Injection Technique Intraperitoneal Injection (IP) - One person Intraperitoneal Injection (IP) - One-Person Towel Method Subcutaneous Injection (SQ) Subcutaneous Injection (SQ) - One-Person Towel Method Maxillary Bleed Pedal Vein Blood Draw Saphenous Vein Blood Draw Tail Vein Injection Retro-Orbital Bleed - Anesthesia Required Retro-Orbital Injections - Anesthesia Required Ear Notching Ear Tagging Mouse Procedural Technique Hand-outs Intraperitoneal Injection (IP) Subcutaneous Injection (SQ) Maxillary Bleed Oral Gavage Pedal Vein Blood Draw Saphenous Vein Blood Draw Retro-orbital Blood Draw Retro-orbital Injection Tail Vein Injection Ear Notch/Punch & Ear Tags The Mouse (Mus musculus) Class Outline Normative Data Appendix: Blood Volume

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