Islamic textbooks and curricula in Europe


    • Aslan, Ednan


Islamic textbooks and curricula in Europe

Ednan Aslan, ed

Peter Lang, c2011

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"This volume is a result of the conference "Islamic textbooks and curricula in South East Europe" held in Sarajevo from the 21th-25th October 2010"--Foreword

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This volume is a result of the conference "Islamic Textbooks and Curricula in South East Europe" held in Sarajevo, 21st to 25th October 2010. One of the aims of the conference was to critically assess the existing curricula and textbooks for Muslim education in Europe and to discuss the directions textbook and curricular development needs to take in the near term. This critical assessment and visioning took place in dialogue with the experiences of long-established churches and religious communities. The conference concluded that an emphasis on the European characteristics of Islam is essential in religious education.


Contents: Mustafa Ceric: The Meaning of Religious Education for Peace and Dialogue in the Balkans - Enes Karic: New Challenges in Higher Theological Education in the Balkans - Ednan Aslan: Islamic Textbooks and Curricula in Europe - Ramiz Zekaj: Tradition, Actuality and Perspectives on Islamic Education in Albania - Zekirija Sejdini: Curricula and Textbooks for Islamic Religious Education in Austria - Dina Sijamhodzic-Nadarevic: The Structure of Islamic Educational Institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Curriculum Development - Sefer Hasanov: The Presentation of the Holy Quran in Islamic Religious Textbooks Taught in Bulgarian Public Schools - Aziz Hasanovic: The Experiences of the Islamic Community in Croatia in the Implementation of Islamic Religious Instruction in Public Primary and Secondary Schools - Yasar Sarikaya: Islamic Religious Education in Germany: Curricula and Textbooks - Giorgos Mavrommatis: Muslim Educational Institutions in Greece: Textbooks and Curricula - Tamas Soos/Zsofia Windisch: Muslim Education in Hungary: Past and Present - Xhabir Hamiti: Islamic Curricula in Kosovo - Fahrudin Ebibi: A Chronology of the Development of Islamic Religious Education in Macedonia - Serbo Rastoder/Suljo Mustafic: Islamic Education in Montenegro - Agata S. Nalborczyk: Islamic Religious Education in Poland - Curricula and Textbooks - Laurentiu D. Tanase: Learning Islam in Romania, The Case of the Turk-Tatar Muslim Community - Mevlud Dudic: Some Indicators of the Readiness for Islamic Religious Education - Nedzad Grabus: Religious Education in Slovenia - Juan Ferreiro Galguera: Islamic Religious Education in Spain - Recep Kaymakcan: Islam in Turkish Religious Education: From Traditional Understanding to Modern - Eileen M. Daily: The Arc of the Pendulum: United States Catholic Curriculum Standards for Secondary School Textbooks - Martin Jaggle: The Role of Textbooks and Curricula in European Religious Education from a Catholic Perspective - Martin Rothgangel: Educational Standards for Religious Education from Protestant Perspectives.

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