Character, self, and sociability in the Scottish Enlightenment


Character, self, and sociability in the Scottish Enlightenment

edited by Thomas Ahnert and Susan Manning

(Palgrave studies in cultural and intellectual history)

Palgrave Macmillan, 2011

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 267-286) and indexes



An interdisciplinary examination of the Enlightenment character and its broader significance. Whilst the main focus of the book is the Scottish Enlightenment, contributors also employ a transatlantic scope by considering parallel developments in Europe, and America.


  • Reid and Hume on the Possibility of Character
  • J.A.Harris Adam Smith's Rhetorical Art of Character
  • S.McKenna The Moral Education of Mankind: Character and Religious Moderatism in the Sermons of Hugh Blair
  • T.Ahnert The Not-So-Prodigal Son: James Boswell and the Scottish Enlightenment
  • A.La-Vopa Character, Sociability and Correspondence: Elizabeth Griffith and The Letters between Henry and Frances
  • E.T.Bannet Smellie's Dreams: Character and Consciousness in the Scottish Enlightenment
  • P.M.William Aspects of Character and Sociability in Scottish Enlightenment Medicine
  • N.Vickers The 'Peculiar Colouring of the Mind': Character and Painted Portraiture in the Scottish Enlightenment
  • V.Coltman National Characters and Race: A Scottish Enlightenment Debate
  • S.Sebastiani Character and Cosmopolitanism in the Scottish-American Enlightenment
  • H.Spahn Historical Characters: Biography, the Science of Man, and Romantic Fiction
  • S.Manning Necessity, Freedom, and Character Formation from the Eighteenth Century to the Nineteenth
  • J.Seigel

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