The world ocean in globalisation : climate change, sustainable fisheries, biodiversity, shipping, regional issues



The world ocean in globalisation : climate change, sustainable fisheries, biodiversity, shipping, regional issues

edited by Davor Vidas, Peter Johan Schei

Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 2011

  • : hardback

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Have we already entered a new epoch, the Anthropocene, dominated by the impact of human activities? What of the effects of increasing globalisation on the seas? Thirty-three experts on marine affairs and the law of the sea examine the emerging challenges for the World Ocean, inquiring into developments prompted by globalisation in central issue-areas of the law of the sea. These are explored systematically in sections on the key challenges and developments in the interface of science, economic uses and law (Part I); climate change and the oceans (Part II); sustainability of fisheries (Part III); challenges and responses related to global maritime transport (Part IV); and the regulatory responses to global challenges in seas surrounding Europe (Part V).


Introduction 1 The World Ocean in Globalisation: Challenges and Responses for the Anthropocene Epoch, Davor Vidas and Peter Johan Schei Part I: KEY CHALLENGES AND DEVELOPMENTS: SCIENCE, ECONOMIC USES AND LAW 2 The Anthropocene Ocean in Its Deep Time Context, Jan Zalasiewicz and Mark Williams 3 Marine Science in the Past 25 Years: Main Findings and Trends, John Montgomery and Lionel Carter 4 The Sea, Science and the Human Dimension, Marie Jacobsson 5 Economic Uses of the Oceans and the Impacts on Marine Environments: Past Trends and Challenges Ahead, Harry N. Scheiber 6 Problems of High Seas Governance, David Freestone Part II: CLIMATE CHANGE AND THE OCEANS 7 Impacts of Climate Change on Marine Ecosystems, Yvon Le Maho and Joel Durant 8 The Polar Oceans and Climate Change, Olav Orheim 9 Climate Change and Arctic Governance: Three Images of a Changing Arctic, David D. Caron 10 The Climate Regime: Achievements and Challenges, Steinar Andresen and Tora Skodvin 11 Sea-Level Rise and the Law of the Sea: Future Options, Moritaka Hayashi Part III: SUSTAINABILITY OF FISHERIES 12 High Seas Fisheries Today: Challenges and Remedies Under the Global Economy, Nobuyuki Yagi 13 High Seas Fisheries Governance: Prospects and Challenges in the 21st Century, Kristina M. Gjerde 14 High Seas Fisheries Management: Reflections on Experience with Regional Fisheries Management Organisations in the South Pacific, Gerard van Bohemen 15 Reducing Seabird Bycatch: From Identifying Problems to Implementing Policy, Euan Dunn Part IV: GLOBAL MARITIME TRANSPORT: CHALLENGES AND RESPONSES 16 Mare Liberum or Mare Restrictum? Challenges for the Maritime Industry, Eelco Leemans and Thomas Rammelt 17 Global Shipping and the Introduction of Alien Invasive Species, Stephan Gollasch 18 Globalisation and Challenges for the Maritime Arctic, Lawson W. Brigham 19 The International Maritime Organization and the Protection of the Marine Environment, Jean Claude Sainlos 20 Regulatory Layers in Shipping, Henrik Ringbom 21 Ballast Water and Alien Species: Regulating Global Transfers and Regional Consequences, Davor Vidas and Maja Markovcic Kostelac Part V: SEAS SURROUNDING EUROPE: REGULATORY RESPONSES TO GLOBAL CHALLENGES 22 The European Union and the Challenges of Marine Governance: From Sectoral Response to Integrated Policy? Robin Churchill 23 Towards Further Reform of the Common Fisheries Policy, David J. Agnew 24 The European Union and the Regulation of Underwater Noise Pollution, Irini Papanicolopulu 25 The Black Sea: Moving Forward, Nilufer Oral 26 Baltic Sea Gas Pipeline: International Law for Geostrategic Issues, Hans Corell 27 The Mediterranean Response to Global Challenges: Environmental Governance and the Barcelona Convention System, Evangelos Raftopoulos Index of Treaties and Other International Instruments Subject Index

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