Psychodynamic theory for therapeutic practice


    • Higdon, Juliet


Psychodynamic theory for therapeutic practice

by Juliet Higdon

Palgrave Macmillan, 2012

2nd ed

  • : pbk

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This engaging and accessible textbook introduces psychodynamic theory in a way that helps readers better understand complex theories and how these can enrich their practice. Five chapters on classic theorists explore their life stories and the ideas, and are illustrated with captivating case studies. Contemporary developments relating to psychodynamic theory are explored, such as the links with neurobiology and how attachment shapes a baby's brain, and how to make sense of the anxieties contained in the organisations of hospitals and day care nurseries. It also examines psychodynamic evidence based theory and practice An insightful introduction to core psychodynamic theory, this refreshingly clear book is invaluable reading for all students, trainees and practitioners in counselling and psychotherapy, and of interest to those studying and working in the fields of nursing, social work and counselling psychology.


The Value of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.- Freud: Where it all Started.- Klein: Mothers and Babies.- Winnicott: Holding Within Boundaries.- Bion: Knowing and Not Knowing.- Bowlby: Attachment and Separation.- Legacies I: From Freud to Feminism.- Legacies II: Developments in Attachment.- Practice.

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