Globalization and inequality in emerging societies


Globalization and inequality in emerging societies

edited by Boike Rehbein

(Frontiers of globalization series)

Palgrave Macmillan, 2011

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Includes bibliographical references and indexes



This volume studies the relation between globalization and inequalities in emerging societies by linking Area and Global Studies, aiming at a new theory of inequality beyond the nation state and beyond Eurocentrism.


  • Introduction
  • B.Rehbein PART I: REGIONAL INEQUALITIES The Persistence of Socio-Cultures and Inequality in Contemporary Southeast Asia
  • V.Houben & B.Rehbein Globalization and Social Inequality in Asia
  • H.Khondker Inequality, Exclusion and Poverty in Latin America: The Vast Social Debt of Neoliberalism
  • R.Elizaga PART II: NATIONAL INEQUALITIES For a Critical Theory of Modernization: Are the Brazilian Lower Classes Universal?
  • J.Souza The Militarization of Urban Marginality: Lessons from the Brazilian Metropolis
  • L.Wacquant Global Expansion of Capitalism, Inequality and Social Movements: The Iranian Case
  • S.Fadaee Outward Bound, Tangled Nightmares: Rereading Globalization in Contemporary Nigeria
  • O.Adesina Higher Education in Russia: Is There a Way out of a Neoliberal Impasse?
  • A.Magun PART III: TRANSNATIONAL INEQUALITIES Emerging Powers Development, Global Economic Crisis and Value Chains Restructuring
  • G.Antonelli Global and National Elites in South America: Limited Transnationalization Processes and the Persistence of Inequality
  • A.Pelfini Access of Highly Skilled Migrants to Transnational Labour Markets: Is Class Formation Transcending National Divides?
  • A.Weiss & S.Mensah Transnational Inequalities, Transnational Responses: The Politicization of Migrant Rights in Asia
  • N.Piper & S.Rother Global Inequalities - Local Hierarchies: Peruvian Migrants' Labour Niches and Occupational Mobility in Chile
  • C.Mora Conclusion
  • J.Pieterse

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