The geographical imagination of Annie Proulx : rethinking regionalism


The geographical imagination of Annie Proulx : rethinking regionalism

edited by Alex Hunt

Lexington Books, 2011, c2009

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Originally published: 2009

Includes bibliographical references (p. 201-209) and index



This highly readable edited collection focuses on the work of Pulitzer Prize-winning author Annie Proulx. Each contributor to this volume explores a different facet of Proulx's striking attention to geography, place, landscape, regional environments, and local economies in her writing. Covering all of her novels and short story collections, scholars from the United States, Canada, and abroad engage in critical analyses of Proulx's new regionalism, use of geographical settings, and themes of displacement and immigration. Taken together, these essays demonstrate Annie Proulx's contribution to new regionalist understandings of place on local, national, and global scales. Readers will come away with a better understanding of Proulx's particular landscapes_particularly those of Wyoming, New England, Texas, and Newfoundland_and the issues surrounding the significance of these regions in contemporary American culture and literature.


1 Table of Contents 2 Acknowledgments Chapter 3 Introduction: The Insistence of Geography in the Writing of Annie Proulx Part 4 I. Orientations Chapter 5 1. The Influence of the Annales School on Annie Proulx's Geographical Imagination Chapter 6 2. Proulx and the Postmodern Hyperreal Chapter 7 3. Drinking the Elixir of Ownership: Pilgrims and Improvers in the Landscapes of Annie Proulx's That Old Ace in the Hole and The Shipping News Chapter 8 4. Postnational United States Regional Hinterlands: Proulx's Ethnic Working-Class Communities in Accordion Crimes Part 9 II. Geographies Chapter 10 5. Born Under a Bad Sign: The Question of Geographical Determinism in the Hardscrabble Northern Badlands of Heart Songs and Other Stories Chapter 11 6. The Corpse in the Stone Wall: Annie Proulx's Ironic New England Chapter 12 7. "All the Qualities o' the Isle": The Shipping News as Island Myth Chapter 13 8. Annie Proulx's Wyoming: Geographical Determinism, Landscape, and Caricature Chapter 14 9. Westward Proulx: The Resistant Landscape of Close Range: Wyoming Stories and That Old Ace in the Hole Part 15 III. Directions Chapter 16 10. Landed Bodies: Geography and Disability in The Shipping News Chapter 17 11. The Location of Immigration: Itinerant Communities and Cultural Hybridity in Annie Proulx's Accordion Crimes Chapter 18 12. Brokeback Mountain as Progressive Narrative and Cinematic Vision: Landscape, Emotion, and the Denial of Domesticity Chapter 19 13. Capitalism vs. Localism: Economies of Scale in Annie Proulx's Postcards and That Old Ace in the Hole Chapter 20 14. The Ecology of Narrative: Annie Proulx's That Old Ace in the Hole as Critical Regionalist Fiction Chapter 21 Afterword: Red Desert: The History of a Place and Annie Proulx as Environmental Historian 22 Bibliography 23 Index 24 Contributors

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