Knowledge in the development of economies : institutional choices under globalisation



Knowledge in the development of economies : institutional choices under globalisation

edited by Silvia Sacchetti, Roger Sugden

(New perspectives on the modern corporation)

E. Elgar, 2011, c2009

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Originally published: 2009

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This innovative book offers a critical perspective on the state of the current global economy, making sense of knowledge-related issues by critically assessing existing institutional choices, as well as pointing to new ways forward. The pioneering chapters reposition knowledge in a number of economic debates including regional development, property rights, social enterprises, corporate governance, the management of universities, and the role of creative activities. They explore the possibility of an institutional dynamism that impacts not only on the characteristics of localities and their place in a hierarchical and ordered system of relationships, but on the nature of the system itself. Conclusions point at the individual and collective dimensions of the knowledge discovery process, suggesting a renewed approach to the assessment of economic choices. This insightful book offers an original perspective on knowledge-related issues and constitutes a valuable read for academics and postgraduate students in international business and economic competitiveness, as well practitioners and policymakers who are interested in alternative analyses and methods for economic development.


Contents: Preface PART I: INTRODUCTION 1. Introduction Silvia Sacchetti PART II: KNOWLEDGE, PRODUCTION AND REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT 2. The Organisation of Production and the Risk of Regional Divergence: A Perspective on the Development of Knowledge Across Economies Silvia Sacchetti 3. Harmonization, Differentiation, and Development: The Case of Intellectual Property in the Global Trading Regime Kenneth C. Shadlen 4. Knowledgeable Regions, Jacobian Clusters and Green Innovation Philip Cooke 5. Higher Education and Economic Development: Do We Face an Intertemporal Trade-off? James R. Wilson PART III: EMERGING INSTITUTIONAL SETTINGS, CRITICAL THINKING AND KNOWLEDGE 6. Destroying Creativity? Universities and the New Public Management Sonja Groenblom and Johan Willner 7. A Theoretical Analysis of the Relationship between Social Capital and Corporate Social Responsibility: Concepts and Definitions Lorenzo Sacconi and Giacomo Degli Antoni 8. Creativity and Institution Building: The Case of Italian Social Cooperatives Alberto Ianes and Ermanno Tortia 9. Creativity in Economic Development: Space in an Inferno Silvia Sacchetti and Roger Sugden PART IV: CREATIVE ACTIVITIES: ART, MEDIA, SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY... 10. Economic Development Lite: Communication, Art and ICTs in a Globalised Economy Roger Sugden, Robbin Te Velde and James R. Wilson 11. Media, Governance and the Public Interest J. Robert Branston and James R. Wilson 12. Quantity, Quality and Creativity Francesco Sacchetti PART V: CONCLUSIONS 13. Positioning Order, Disorder and Creativity in Research Choices on Local Development Silvia Sacchetti and Roger Sugden Index

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