Natural hazard mitigation policy : implementation, organizational choice, and contextual dynamics


Natural hazard mitigation policy : implementation, organizational choice, and contextual dynamics

Daniel J. Alesch, Lucy A. Arendt, William J. Petak

(Environmental hazards)

Springer, 2012

  • : softcover

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The negative consequences of natural hazard events are staggering and growing. Governments are acting to increase community resilience, reduce losses, and facilitate recovery, but these actions do not always yield anticipated consequences. This book is a compelling interdisciplinary analysis of California's efforts to ensure that acute care hospitals survive earthquakes and continue to function in the aftermath. The book weaves together several threads essential to understanding the effectiveness of public policies intended to reduce the consequences of natural hazard events: public policy design and administration, the hazard mitigation investment decision made by targeted organizations, and contextual dynamics. "A terrific study of shortfalls in the implementation of risk-reduction policy -- highly readable, full of insights, and very policy relevant." Peter J. May, Donald R. Matthews Distinguished Professor of American Politics, University of Washington, Seattle USA "This is an exceptional book by three of the leading hazard mitigation researchers and must reading for both scholars and practitioners in the field." William A. Anderson, National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences.


Chapter 1. The Starting Point: A Confluence of Questions about Policy Design and ImplementationPart 1 SB 1953: THE ORIGINS AND THE EXPERIENCE THROUGH 2010Chapter 2. Origins and History of California Seismic Building Retrofit RegulationsChapter 3. The Road to SB 1953Chapter 4. SB 1953: The Law, the Program, and the Implementation ChallengeChapter 5. Implementing SB 1953: 1998 into 2005Chapter 6. Implementation: Circa 2005 Through 2010 PART 2. OBSTACLES TO IMPLEMENTATION: BEYOND THE USUAL SUSPECTSChapter 7. OSHPD, Administrative Agencies in General, And Implementing SB 1953 PART 3: BEYOND THE USUAL SUSPECTS: THE REGULATED PARTIES, PREREQUISITES TO ACTION, AND THE HAZARD MITIGATION INVESTMENT DECISIONChapter 8. Organizational Responses: Introduction to Hazard Mitigation Investment Decision Making in HospitalsChapter 9. Prerequisites to Organizational ActionChapter 10. Organizational Differences in Hazard Mitigation Investment Decision Making: Inside the OrganizationChapter 11. Organizational Differences in Hazard Mitigation Investment Decision Making: Outside the OrganizationPART 4: BEYOND THE USUAL SUSPECTS: PUBLIC POLICY DESIGN AND CONTEXTUAL DYNAMICSChapter 12. Mindsets, Policy Design, Congruence, and Related Obstacles to Policy ImplementationChapter 13. Dynamic Contexts and Public Policy ImplementationPART 5. PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHERChapter 14. The Ecology of Public Policy Implementation

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