Between terror and tolerance : religious leaders, conflict, and peacemaking


Between terror and tolerance : religious leaders, conflict, and peacemaking

Timothy D. Sisk, editor

Georgetown University Press, c2011

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Civil war and conflict within countries is the most prevalent threat to peace and security in the opening decades of the twenty-first century. A pivotal factor in the escalation of tensions to open conflict is the role of elites in exacerbating tensions along identity lines by giving the ideological justification, moral reasoning, and call to violence. "Between Terror and Tolerance" examines the varied roles of religious leaders in societies deeply divided by ethnic, racial, or religious conflict. The chapters in this book explore cases when religious leaders have justified or catalyzed violence along identity lines, and other instances when religious elites have played a critical role in easing tensions or even laying the foundation for peace and reconciliation. This volume features thematic chapters on the linkages between religion, nationalism, and intolerance, transnational intra-faith conflict in the Shi'a-Sunni divide, and country case studies of societal divisions or conflicts in Egypt, Israel and Palestine, Kashmir, Lebanon, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, Sri Lanka, Sudan, and Tajikistan. The concluding chapter explores the findings and their implications for policies and programs of international non-governmental organizations that seek to encourage and enhance the capacity of religious leaders to play a constructive role in conflict resolution.


Introduction: Religious Leaders, Conflict, and PeacemakingTimothy D. Sisk1. Religion, Nationalism, and IntoleranceDavid Little 2. Religious Leaders, Sectarianism, and the Sunni-Shia Divide in IslamNader Hashemi3. Between Intolerance and Coexistence: The Vatican, Maronites, and the War in LebanonGeorge Emile Irani4. Globalization, Religion, and Nationalism in Israel and PalestineMicheline Ishay5. Egypt and the Legacy of SectarianismScott W. Hibbard 6. Religion, War, and Peacemaking in Sudan: Shari'a, Identity Politics, and Human RightsCarolyn Fluehr-Lobban 7. Nigeria's Religious Leaders in an Age of Radicalism and NeoliberalismRosalind I. J. Hackett 8. Just Enough to Hate-Not Enough to Love: Religious Leaders in Northern Ireland Mari Fitzduff9. Religion, War, and Peace in TajikistanKarina Korostelina 10. The Spoiler and the Reconciler: Buddhism and the Peace Process in Sri LankaSusan Hayward11. Piety and Politics: Religious Leadership and the Conflict in KashmirSumit Ganguly and Praveen SwamiConclusion: From Terror to Tolerance to Coexistence in Deeply Divided SocietiesTimothy D. SiskList of ContributorsIndex

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