ECODESIGN implementation : a systematic guidance on integrating environmental considerations into product development


    • Wimmer, Wolfgang
    • Lee, Kun-Mo
    • Alliance for Global Sustainability


ECODESIGN implementation : a systematic guidance on integrating environmental considerations into product development

by Wolfgang Wimmer, Rainer Züst and Kun-Mo Lee

(Alliance for global sustainability bookseries : science and technology: tools for sustainable development, v. 6)

Springer, c2004

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Stakeholders such as environmental directives and customer demands for reducing environmental impacts of a product require innovative and environmentally improved products. Therefore a systematic approach and effective methods and tools are needed in the early phase of product development. The basic elements for optimized process management in the design department are described in this book. The book provides twelve easy to follow steps for implementing ECODESIGN in a company. It gives clear advice how to integrate environmental considerations into product design and development, and combines ECODESIGN with Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Communication. Chapters on Product modeling, Life Cycle Assessment, ECODESIGN tasks, Product Improvement and Environmental Communication use the previously developed ECODESIGN PILOT ( and show its application to a real product example. The book comes with two web tools: one is the ECODESIGN PILOT, used to find measures to environmentally improve a product within a short time. The other is the ECODESIGN PILOT's Assistant ( an expert system, which helps to find the right improvement strategy for a product. Audience: This book will be of interest to environmental and sustainability managers, engineers in research and product development, to designers, environmental experts, and consultants, as well as to students working in this field.


  • Contents:Preface
  • Introduction
  • 1 Product Modeling
  • 1 . 1 Introduction
  • 1 .2 General principles
  • 1 .3 Qualitative description
  • 1 .4 Quantitative modeling
  • 2 Life Cycle Assessment
  • 2. 1 Introduction to Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  • 2.2 General principles of LCA
  • 2.3 Life Cycle Assessment in detail
  • 2.4 Optional elements of LCA
  • 2.5 Summary
  • 3 ECODESIGN Tasks
  • 3. 1 Introduction
  • 3.2 Stakeholder requirements
  • 3.3 Environmental Quality Function Deployment
  • 3.4 Environmental benchmarking
  • 3.5 Environmental aspects with the ECODESIGN PILOT's Assistant
  • 3.6 Environmental aspects through interpretation of Life Cycle Assessment results
  • 3.7 Applying the ECODESIGN PILOT
  • 4 Product Improvement
  • 4. 1 Introduction
  • 4.2 Product specifications
  • 4.3 Functional structure
  • 4.4 Creativity sessions
  • 4.5 Product concept
  • 4.6 Embodiment design
  • 5 Environmental Communication
  • 5. 1 Introduction to environmental communication
  • 5.2 Environmental product declaration in detail
  • 5.3 Summary
  • 6. Conclusion
  • References

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