Unruly hills : a political ecology of India's northeast


Unruly hills : a political ecology of India's northeast

Bengt G. Karlsson

Berghahn Books, 2011

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Includes bibliographical references and index



The questions that inspired this study are central to contemporary research within environmental anthropology, political ecology, and environmental history: how does the introduction of a modern, capitalist, resource regime affect the livelihood of indigenous peoples? Can sustainable resource management be achieved in a situation of radical commodification of land and other aspects of nature? Focusing on conflicts relating to forest management, mining, and land rights, the author offers an insightful account of present-day challenges for indigenous people to accommodate aspirations for ethnic sovereignty and development.


List of Illustrations Acknowledgments Glossary Abbreviations PART I Introduction Chapter 1. Nature and Nation PART II Chapter 2. Elusive Forests Chapter 3. Shifting Land Rights Chapter 4. Mining Matters PART III Chapter 5. Indigenous Governance Chapter 6. Political Ecology at the Frontier References

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