Education and global justice


Education and global justice

edited by Michele Schweisfurth and Clive Harber

Routledge, 2012

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Education and Global Justice discusses key themes concerning the relationship between education and global justice in a varied series of highly relevant national contexts. Major international issues such as war, conflict and peace, social justice and injustice, multicultural education, inclusion, privatisation and democracy are explored in relation to the Middle East, Colombia, South Korea, India, Uganda and Pakistan. An interdisciplinary approach is also taken to explore both the nature of global justice and the possibilities for education for global justice in the future. Some of the contents of the book may surprise or even shock readers who like to think that education is inherently and solely a force for good in an unjust world. Instead, in discussing the realities, resistances and challenges facing education for global justice, the contributors show that education can be harmful to individuals and societies while maintaining a hopeful view of education's potential to contribute to greater global social justice. This book was originally published as a special issue of Educational Review.


1. Education, global justice, and the contribution of Lynn Davies Michele Schweisfurth and Clive Harber 2. Peace as a surprise, peace as a disturbance: the Israeli-Arab conflict in official documents Halleli Pinson, Gal Levy and Zeev Soker 3. Education, conflict and social (in)justice: insights from Colombia Mario Novelli 4. Multicultural education and the rights to education of migrant children in South Korea Soon-Won Kang 5. Education and social (in)justice for mobile groups: re-framing rights and educational inclusion for Indian pastoralist children Caroline Dyer 6. Privatisation of higher education in Uganda and the global gender justice ideal: uneasy bedfellows? Euzobia M. Mugisha Baine 7. Democracy and education in Pakistan Muhammad Nazir 8. Global justice and education: from nation to neuron Christopher Williams

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