Writing muslim identity


Writing muslim identity

Geoffrey Nash

Continuum, c2012

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Includes bibliographical references and index


  • Literature and the kulturkampf against Islam
  • British migrant muslim fiction
  • Fixing muslim masculinity, saving muslim women
  • Writing muslim modernities and eschatologies
  • Identifying the 'Islamic' terrorist



Examining a wide range of genres, including novels, memoirs, travel writing and journalism, this book explores representations of Muslims and Islam in modern English literature. The relationship between Islam and the West is one of the most urgent and hotly debated issues of our time. This book is the first to offer a comprehensive overview of the way in which Muslims are represented within modern English writing, ranging from the novel, through memoir and travel writing to journalism. Covering a wide range of texts and authors, it scrutinises the identity 'Muslim' by looking at its inscription in recent and contemporary literary writing within the context of significant events like the Rushdie Affair, the Gulf War and 9/11. Examining the wide range of writing internationally that takes Islam or Islamic cultures as its focus, the authors discuss the representation of Muslim identity in writing by non-Muslim writers, former Muslim 'native informants', and practising Muslims.


  • 1. International Politics, Islamaphobia, and Muslim Futures
  • 2. Muslim Identities, Travel Writing, Gender
  • 3. Asian Muslims: From Cultural Decay to Migrant Fundamentalism
  • 4. Terror and Migration: Post 9/11 Muslim Identities in the West
  • 5. Arabism, Feminism and Islam: The Emergence of Anglo-Arab Women Writers
  • 6. Conclusion
  • Bibliography
  • Index.

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