Remembering Cambodia


    • Elliott, Robert James
    • Smith, Stefan


Remembering Cambodia

photography by Robert James Elliott ; text by Stefan Smith

Times Editions, c2002



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Mention Cambodia and to many people it is forever associated with poverty, war, and the genocidal reign of the brutal Khmer Rouge. These are not the images that everyone holds of this Southeast Asian nation. The poverty still exists but war has been replaced by a new word - hope. As peace is embraced after decades of conflict, Cambodia's shattered economy is stirring itself into life, encouraged by foreign aid and its own brand of entrepreneurial flair. Its culture is experiencing revival and change, caught between traditions of the past and modern-day Western influences. "Remembering Cambodia" is a record of a country coming to terms with its past and looking forward to the future - its an intimate and tender exploration of Cambodia - a Cambodia that does not fixate on the Angkor Wat or the equally iconic saffron-robed monks, a Cambodia that is not keen to mention Pol Pot, war or genocide in the same breath. It is a tribute to the men, women, and children of Cambodia by showing a dramatic glimpse into their ongoing struggle for survival through vibrant colorful photographs of their ordinary daily life. "Remembering Cambodia" explores beauty in smaller, transient places. The images evoke smiles infused with sadness. Some are sensually romantic. Others are wryly ironic. Meet the people who find it in their hearts to laugh in the face of tragedy everyday.

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