Carnivore ecology and conservation : a handbook of techniques


Carnivore ecology and conservation : a handbook of techniques

edited by Luigi Boitani, Roger A. Powell

(Techniques in ecology and conservation series)

Oxford University Press, 2012

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Animals that must hunt and kill for at least part of their living are inherently interesting to many people and the role that carnivores play in biological communities attract interest from ecologists and conservation biologists. Conflicts with human activities stimulate continual debates about the management of carnivore populations, and throughout the world people seek workable solutions for human/carnivore coexistence. This concise yet authoritative handbook describes research methods and techniques for the study and conservation of all terrestrial carnivore species. Particular attention is paid to techniques for managing the human/carnivore interface. Descriptions of the latest methodologies are supported by references to case studies, whilst dedicated boxes are used to illustrate how a technique is applied to a specific land cover type, species, or particular socio-economic context. The book describes the most recent advances in modelling the patterns of animal distributions, movements, and use of land cover types, as well as including the most efficient methods to trap, handle, and mark carnivores. Carnivores are biogeographically diverse and whilst extensive scientific research has investigated many aspects of carnivore biology, not all species have been equally covered. This book is unique in its intention to provide practical guidance for carrying out research and conservation of carnivores across all species and areas of the world.


  • Foreword
  • 1. Introduction: research and conservation of carnivores
  • 2. Designing carnivore surveys
  • 3. Mind the map: trips and pitfalls in making and reading maps of carnivore distribution
  • 4. Non-invasive sampling for carnivores
  • 5. Humane and efficient capture and handling methods for carnivores
  • 6. Carnivores in hand
  • 7. Radio telemetry equipment and applications for carnivores
  • 8. Estimating demographic parameters
  • 9. Movements, home ranges, activity, and dispersal
  • 10. Carnivore habitat ecology: integrating theory and application
  • 11. Describing food habits and predation: field methods and statistical considerations
  • 12. Reproductive biology and endocrine studies
  • 13. Investigating cause-specific mortality and diseases in carnivores: tools and techniques
  • 14. Mitigation methods for conflicts associated with carnivore depredation on livestock
  • 15. Carnivore restoration
  • 16. Designing a monitoring plan
  • 17. Assessing conservation status and units for conservation
  • References
  • Index

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