Handbook of qualitative research in education



Handbook of qualitative research in education

edited by Sara Delamont ; with assistance from Angela Jones

E. Elgar, c2012

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The Handbook of Qualitative Research in Education offers both basic and advanced discussions of data collection, analysis and representation of all the best qualitative methods used in educational research. It contains four comprehensive yet concise sections on perspectives, settings, data collection and data analysis and representation. Authors from Australia, Europe, New Zealand and North America contribute to a wide-ranging and provocative Handbook that will inspire novice researchers and re-invigorate experienced scholars. Its 44 well-documented chapters will serve academics and graduate students in educational research across all sectors of education from pre-school to graduate school, and all settings from formal to non-formal.


Contents: 1. Introduction: Leaving Damascus Sara Delamont PART I: THEORETICAL AND DISCIPLINARY PERSPECTIVES 2. Sociology of Education: Advancing Relations between Qualitative Methodology and Social Theory Ruth Boyask 3. Anthropology and Education David Mills 4. Social Identities and Schooling: Ethnographic Studies Sean Kelly and Richard Majerus 5. Linguistic Perspectives in Qualitative Research in Education: A Brief History Judith Green and Anissa Stewart 6. History and Ethnography: Interfaces and Juxtapositions Maria Tamboukou 7. Feminist Perspectives on Qualitative Educational Research Alexandra Allan 8. Queer Theory, Ethnography and Education Cassandra Wells, Anna MacLeod and Blye Frank 9. Indigenous Methods in Qualitative Educational Research Russell Bishop PART II: NON-SCHOOL SETTINGS 10. Vocational Education and Training: Sites for Qualitative Study Jane Salisbury 11. Walk this Way, Talk this Way: Qualitative Research on Professional Education Lesley Pugsley 12. Ethnographic Journeys in Higher Education Lisa Lucas 13. Teacher Education: Qualitative Research Approaches Mark Dressman, Wayne Journell and Jay Mann 14. Apprenticeship: Toward a Reflexive Method for Researching `Education in "Non-formal" Settings' Wolff-Michael Roth 15. Total Institutions and Qualitative Research Ghazala Bhatti 16. In Cyberspace: Qualitative Methods for Educational Research Hugh Busher and Nalita James PART III: DATA COLLECTION 17. Schools in Focus: Photo Methods in Educational Research Louisa Allen 18. Mobile Methods Margarethe Kusenbach 19. The Uses of Life History William G. Tierney and Randall F. Clemens 20. Gathering Narrative Data Jane Elliott 21. Jane's Three Letters: Working with Documents and Archives Sue Middleton 22. Memory Books as a Methodological Resource in Biographical Research Rachel Thomson and Janet Holland 23. Turning the Camera on Yourself: Digital Video Journals in Educational Research M.L. White 24. `Traditional' Ethnography: Peopled Ethnography for Luminous Description Sara Delamont 25. Autoethnography Peter de Vries 26. Interviewing Individuals Martin Forsey 27. Testimonio as LatCrit Methodology in Education Lindsay Perez Huber 28. Using Focus Groups Jude Robinson 29. Group Interviews: Understanding Shared Meaning and Meaning-Making Dawn H. Currie and Deirdre M. Kelly 30. Using Pictures to Analyse and Construct Knowledge Paul Reader 31. The Role of Documents in Social Research Lindsay Prior PART IV: ANALYSIS AND REPRESENTATION 32. Transcription of Speech Martyn Hammersley 33. Ethnomethodology, Conversation Analysis and Educational Settings William Housley 34. Analysing Narratives: The Narrative Construction of Identity Cate Watson 35. Approaching Narrative Analysis with 19 Questions Martin Cortazzi and Lixian Jin 36. Analysing Fieldnotes: A Practical Guide Zoe B. Corwin and Randall F. Clemens 37. Considering CAQDAS: Using and Choosing Software Kate Stewart 38. The Literary and Rhetorical Turn Paul Atkinson 39. From Voice: Exploring the Possibilities of Experimental Art Andrew Gitlin 40. Textual Genres and the Question of Representation Margaret J. Somerville 41. Autobiography: Tales of the Writing Self Sara Delamont 42. Performing Findings: Tales of the Theatrical Self Rachel Holmes 43. The Literary Turn: Fictions and Poetry Pat Sikes 44. Dance: Making Movement Meaningful Carl Bagley and Ricardo Castro-Salazar Index

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