101 American English idioms


101 American English idioms

Harry Collis ; illustrated by Mario Risso

McGraw-Hill, c2007

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book and CD set: 1 audio CD

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This book makes American English phrases "duck soup." 101 American English Idioms takes the mystery out of these common U.S. expressions and explains their meanings in context. On the audio CD, native speakers read each of the 101 idioms, so you can hear how American English sounds and practice what you have learned. What Americans really mean when they say . . . Drive someone up a wall--annoy someone greatly Raise a stink--protest strongly Pull someone's leg--fool someone All thumbs--clumsy Shoot the breeze--chat informally Feel like a million dollars--feel wonderful Duck soup--easy, effortless


Chapter 1. It's a Zoo Out There Chapter 2. The Body Has Many Uses Chapter 3. That's Not Nice Chapter 4. People Do the Strangest Things Chapter 5. Clothes Make the Man (and Woman) Chapter 6. When Things Go Wrong Chapter 7. When Things Go Well Chapter 8. Do Your Best Chapter 9. You Don't Say Exercises Answer Key Index to Idioms

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