Applied statistics in business and economics



Applied statistics in business and economics

David Doane, Lori Seward

McGraw-Hill Irwin, c2013

4th ed., International ed

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The 4th Edition of Applied Statistics in Business & Economics provides real meaning to the use of statistics in real world by using real business situations and real data while appealing students to know why rather than just the how. Four distinct objectives have been met to follow this premise: Objective 1: Communicate the Meaning of Variation in a BusinessContext Objective 2: Use Real Data and Real Business Applications Objective 3: Incorporate Current Statistical Practices and Offer Practical Advice Objective 4: Provide More In-Depth Explanation of the Why and Let the Software Take Care of the How The emphasis of the 4th edition remains the same: thinking about data, choosing appropriate analytic tools, using computers effectively, and recognising limitations of statistics.


Chapter One Overview of Statistics Chapter Two Data Collection Chapter Three Describing Data Visually Chapter Four Descriptive Statistics Chapter Five Probability Chapter Six Discrete Probability Distributions Chapter Seven Continuous Probability Distributions Chapter Eight Sampling Distributions and Estimation Chapter Nine One-Sample Hypothesis Tests Chapter Ten Two-Sample Hypothesis Tests Chapter Eleven Analysis of Variance Chapter Twelve Simple Regression Chapter Thirteen Multiple Regression Chapter Fourteen Time-Series Analysis Chapter Fifteen Chi-Square Tests Chapter Sixteen Nonparametric Tests Chapter Seventeen Quality Management Chapter Eighteen (Web) Simulation Appendix A Binomial Probabilities Appendix B Poisson Probabilities Appendix C-1 Standard Normal Areas Appendix C-2 Cumulative Standard Normal Distribution Appendix D Student's t Critical Values Appendix E Chi-Square Critical Values Appendix F Critical Values of F.10 Appendix G Solutions to Odd-Numbered Exercises Appendix H Answers to Exam Review Questions Appendix I Writing and Presenting Reports Appendix J Excel Statistical Functions Photo Credits Index

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