Advances in soft matter mechanics


    • Li, Shaofan
    • Sun, Bohua


Advances in soft matter mechanics

Shaofan Li, Bohua Sun, [editors]

Higher Education Press , Springer, c2012

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"With 134 figures, 42 of them in color"

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"Advances in Soft Matter Mechanics" is a compilation and selection of recent works in soft matter mechanics by a group of active researchers in the field. The main objectives of this book are first to disseminate the latest developments in soft matter mechanics in the field of applied and computational mechanics, and second to introduce soft matter mechanics as a sub-discipline of soft matter physics. As an important branch of soft matter physics, soft matter mechanics has developed rapidly in recent years. A number of the novel approaches discussed in this book are unique, such as the coarse grained finite element method for modeling colloidal adhesion, entropic elasticity, meshfree simulations of liquid crystal elastomers, simulations of DNA, etc. The book is intended for researchers and graduate students in the field of mechanics, condensed matter physics and biomaterials. Dr. Shaofan Li is a professor of the University of California-Berkeley, U.S.A; Dr. Bohua Sun is a professor of Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa.


Molecular Modeling and Simulations of Proteins.- Modeling and Simulations of DNAs.- Computational Colloidal Continuum Mechanics.- Monte-Carlo Approach to Entropic Elasticity.- Soft Matter Biomaterials.- Soft Matter Modeling of Cells.- Long-rang Order Soft Biological Materials.- Monte Carlo Simulations of Polymers.- Mechanics of semiflexible networks.- Soft matter and fractional mathematics.

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