Physics for scientists and engineers : with modern physics


Physics for scientists and engineers : with modern physics

Paul M. Fishbane, Stephen G. Gasiorowicz, Stephen T. Thornton

Pearson Prentice Hall, c2005

3rd ed., International ed


Physics : for scientists and engineers : with modern physics

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For Calculus-based Physics courses. This text is designed for a calculus-based physics course at the beginning university and college level. It is written with the expectation that students have either taken or are currently taking a beginning course in calculus. Students taking a physics course based on this book should leave with a solid conceptual understanding of the fundamental physical laws and how these laws can be applied to solve many problems. The key word for this edition is "understanding." The third edition of this text remains rigorous while including a number of new pedagogical elements which emphasize conceptual understanding.


(NOTE: Extended Version includes chapters 1-45, Regular Version includes chapters 1-40, Volume I includes chapters 1-20, Volume II includes chapters 21-40, and Volume III includes chapters 41-45.) 1. Tooling Up. 2. Straight-Line Motion. 3. Motion in Two and Three Dimensions. 4. Newton's Laws. 5. Applications of Newton's Laws. 6. Work and Kinetic Energy. 7. Potential Energy and Conservation of Energy. 8. Linear Momentum, Collisions, and the Center of Mass. 9. Rotations of Rigid Bodies. 10. More on Angular Momentum and Torque. 11. Statics. 12. Gravitation. 13. Simple Harmonic Motion. 14. Waves. 15. Superposition and Interference of Waves. 16. Properties of Fluids. 17. Temperature and Ideal Gases. 18. Heat Flow and the First Law of Thermodynamics. 19. Molecules and Gases. 20. The Second Law of Thermodynamics. 21. Electric Charge. 22. Electric Field. 23. Gauss' Law. 24. Electric Potential. 25. Capacitors and Dielectrics. 26. Currents in Materials. 27. Direct-Current Circuits. 28. The Effects of Magnetic Fields. 29. The Production and Properties of Magnetic Fields. 30. Faraday's Law. 31. Magnetism and Matter. 32. Inductance and Circuit Oscillations. 33. Alternating Currents. 34. Maxwell's Equations and Electromagnetic Fields. 35. Light. 36. Mirrors and Lenses and Their Uses. 37. Interference. 38. Diffraction. 39. Special Relativity. 40. Quantum Physics. 41. Quantization of Angular Momentum and of Energy Values. 42. Quantum Effects in Large Systems of Fermions and Bosons. 43. Quantum Engineering. 44. Nuclear Physics. 45. Particles and Cosmology.

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