Genetics and genomics of cotton


Genetics and genomics of cotton

Andrew H. Paterson, editor

(Plant genetics and genomics : crops and models, v. 3/ /a)

Springer, c2009

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The Gossypium (cotton) genus presents novel opportunities to advance our understanding of the natural world and its organic evolution. In this book, advances of the past decade are summarized and synthesized to elucidate the current state of knowledge of the structure, function, and evolution of the Gossypium genome, and progress in the application of this knowledge to cotton improvement. This book provides the first comprehensive reference on cotton genomics.


Natural History and Genetic Diversity.- Evolution and Natural History of the Cotton Genus.- The Worldwide Gene Pool of G. hirsutum and its Improvement.- The Worldwide Gene Pool of Gossypium barbadense L. and Its Improvement.- The Worldwide Gene Pools of Gossypium arboreum L. and G. herbaceum L., and Their Improvement.- Genomic Tools, Resources and Approaches.- Gossypium DNA Markers: Types, Numbers, and Uses.- Physical Composition and Organization of the Gossypium Genomes.- The Gossypium Transcriptome.- Genetic Engineering of Cotton.- Mutagenesis Systems for Genetic Analysis of Gossypium.- Gossypium Bioinformatics Resources.- Bridging Classical and Genomic Investigations of Cotton Biology.- Bridging Classical and Molecular Cytogenetics of Gossypium.- Bridging Classical and Molecular Genetics of Cotton Fiber Quality and Development.- Bridging Classical and Molecular Genetics of Cotton Disease Resistance.- Bridging Classical and Molecular Genetics of Abiotic Stress Resistance in Cotton.- Bridging Traditional and Molecular Genetics in Modifying Cottonseed Oil.- Early Messages.- Genomics of Cotton Fiber Secondary Wall Deposition and Cellulose Biogenesis.- Responses of the Cotton Genome to Polyploidy.- Comparative Genomics of Cotton and Arabidopsis.- Impacts on Agroecosystems of Transgenic Insect and Herbicide Resistance in Cotton.- Synthesis.- Toward Characterizing the Spectrum of Diversity in the Gossypium Genus.

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