Rooted cosmopolitanism : Canada and the world


Rooted cosmopolitanism : Canada and the world

Will Kymlicka and Kathryn Walker

UBC Press, c2012

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Includes bibliographical reference and index



This volume will appeal to political philosophers, students and practitioners of foreign policy and international relations, and anyone interested in exploring Canadian identity in a globalizing world.


Introduction: Rooted Cosmopolitanism: Canada and the World / Will Kymlicka and Kathryn Walker Part 1: The Theory of Rooted Cosmopolitanism 1 Cosmopolitanism and Patriotism / Kok-Chor Tan 2 A Defence of Moderate Cosmopolitanism and/or Moderate Liberal Nationalism / Patti Lenard and Margaret Moore 3 Universality and Particularity in the National Question in Quebec / Joseph-Yvon Theriault 4 Rooted Cosmopolitanism: Unpacking the Arguments / Daniel Weinstock 5 We Are All Compatriots / Charles Blattberg Part 2: The Practice of Rooted Cosmopolitanism 6 Cosmopolitanizing Cosmopolitanism? Cosmopolitan Claims-Making, Interculturalism, and the Bouchard-Taylor Report / Scott Schaffer 7 A World of Strangers or a World of Relationships? The Value of Care Ethics in Migration Research and Policy / Yasmeen Abu-Laban 8 The Doctrine of the Responsibility to Protect: A Failed Expression of Cosmopolitanism / Howard Adelman 9 Climate Change and the Challenge of Canadian Global Citizenship / Robert Paehlke Index

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