Plagiarism, intellectual property and the teaching of L2 writing


Plagiarism, intellectual property and the teaching of L2 writing

Joel Bloch

(New perspectives on language and education, [24])

Multilingual Matters, c2012

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 174-188) and index



Plagiarism and intellectual property law are two issues that affect every student and every teacher throughout the world. Both concepts are concerned with how we use texts - print, digital, visual, and aural - in the creation of new texts. And both have been viewed in strongly moral terms, often as acts of 'theft'. However, they also reflect the contradictory views behind norms and values and therefore are essential to understand when using all forms of texts both inside and outside the classroom. This book discusses the current and historical relationship between these concepts and how they can be explicitly taught in an academic writing classroom.


Chapter I: The Problem of Plagiarism Chapter II: Intellectual Property Issues and Plagiarism: What the Debate over Both means for First and Second Language Writing Teachers Chapter III: Connecting Intellectual Property Law and Plagiarism in the Writing Classroom Chapter IV: A Pedagogical Approach towards Plagiarism Chapter VI: Rethinking Pedagogical Strategies for Teaching about Plagiarism Chapter VI: Creating a Course for Discussing Plagiarism and Intellectual Property Chapter VII: Conclusion

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